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Bespoke Art; What picture would you have someone paint for you?

Asked by nebule (16446points) December 11th, 2008

If a really good artiste was to offer to paint anything you like…so that you could display the art in your home what would you ask them to paint? Would it be a portrait and of whom? Landscape painting? Abstract? Would it have to have meaning and depth? What kind of colours would you want in the picture…would it be in the style of a famous artist? As much detail as you like…. :-)

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I would paint it myself and it would rule.

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I take it then you’re an artist then madcapper! – you haven’t disclosed what it would be though…keeping your secrets close to you are we?

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I’m right along with madcapper. Although I may not completely appreciate it now, I know in 10 years when I’m in my mid-40’s I will! Paint me, paint me!! ;-)

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well that may be because I am not sure what I would paint. I have been in kind of a rut on things I want to paint. I went and got a blank canvas the other day and it sits lonely in the trunk of my car… :( I really do like to paint and I do believe that I am talented at it, I hope so at least as it’s my college focus haha

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I will say that if I had to choose colors and styles to paint in for life I would choose
Greens, Blues, and Oranges.
I my favorite styles by painter are:
Giacometti – mostly known for sculpture but I have seen some simple paintings he did at the Chicago Art Institute and love them
Yves Tanguy
Edward Hopper – much love!
Rene Magritte
Dali- but more his subject matter than his style
and ohh I like most impressionist painters.

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I would have madcapper paint me sitting on a pile of blocks like in Q*bert. There might be some lions lounging around, maybe a sea-dragon, the sun, the moon, whatever else…

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haha thats kind of a cool idea

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Mine would be of a mountain covered in chaparral.

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I would like an abstract Ala Kandinsky!

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Probably a nice steampunk fantasy. A lady, heavy on the mad-scientist, victorian look, in her workshop.

Either that or fairies, but I’m so picky with fairies that I would worry about being too picky after it was done.

Perhaps a famous scene from legendary history? Merlin or the Lady of the Lake with the sword or something.

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Trees. I love the look of trees (especially bare trees) as art.

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I would take any art from any of my friends (I’m at art school) because they are all brilliantly talented, and I trust their choices of subject matter, because they know what they’re doing.

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@ titsmcgee what art school do you go to?

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Cute rainbow monsters. Or the female figure.

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@madcapper – Parsons, New School for Design in NYC

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@mcgee ahh cool never heard of it but I am sure it’s fun being in NYC!

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It is the school of Project Runway/Tim Gunn fame…

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ahh cool so r u in Design? I am trying to decide where to go back to school. I am not in design though. I am looking at schools in the San Diego area but I am not too worried about going to an art only school as I just need to graduate and if my talent isn’t able to get me a job a good art school won’t help haha

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Well, really, since I paint, I would do my own. I love sunsets that are the most vibrant colors.

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@madcapper: I’m a Photo major (as well as a Psych major in the liberal arts college associated with Parsons), but I take Design and Drawing classes, as well as Photo, Art History, and an analytical essay writing class. I looked at art schools in CA as well as NYC, which were CCA and SFAI (neither of which are in San Diego, but you know). I will tell you though, art schools are usually pretty good at placing their graduates, so you might want to look into it. Good luck with your search!

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@ mcgee thanks! Photo is so much fun and I have so much love for it! It is just so expensive that I cannot continue it until I am back in school… but keep it going cuz I would love just to take great photos for the rest of my life. I agree that they can place their graduates but I just feel that my talent will let me win or destroy me. I am the least egotistical person you could ever meet but I feel that I am great at art, I have been in many classes where I feel I have the most talent and best ideas, but talent in art is all relative so if I prosper then I suppose I am ok haha

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I definitely know what you mean about photography being way expensive; really, any art is expensive. And in terms of careers and whatnot, I’d say just do what you want to do. Whatever you’re doing, if you don’t love it, you won’t be happy doing it.

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I realistic looking spider web swaying in a gentle breeze, at midnight….

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I would want a painting of africa. ive always wanted to go there. I really like the artists Salvador Dali, Litchensen, Andy Warhol (oubviously!) But I would not want any of these artists to paint this, im not sure who I would want to paint this for me, some abstract painter I guess.

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@ amish holy crap… take a video because if anyone could capture that in paint they would be god!

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Boston traffic in the night.
I love Boston.

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@ madcapper, yeah that would be hard to paint, but Im sure someone like Caspar David Friedrich could paint that no problem. His paintings are soo realsitic they look like phtographs. Especially the one “Man & Women Contemplating The Moon”. Although he is from the Romanticism era. He oubviously is not alive anymore.

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@ des hmm I’ll check it out! Wayne Tebo (sp?) could probably do it as well

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@desiree333 Time machine anyone? :D


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