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I just picked up a Dell E198WFP display to use with my MacBook Pro. Any colour calibration tips?

Asked by richardhenry (12659points) December 11th, 2008

I’ve always found colour calibration ridiculously hard and never managed to get it right. What’s the best way to calibrate the Dell display so that it matches the colour profile of my MacBook Pro?

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I can’t find it, but if you search lifehacker you’ll find the article that they had maybe a month ago about color calibration. They had some great program (windows and mac compatible) to calibrate all the screens perfectly. Search around and hopefully you’ll find it!

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Oh no, that’s Windows only. Hrm.

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I find setting all displays to use Adobe RGB (1998) and making sure Photoshop doesn’t convert save-for-web images to SRGB (i.e set colour management space to Adobe 1998 also) has served me well…

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Maybe it wasn’t mac compatible…

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Best way:

It’ll fix both your MacBook Pro & your new display’s colors.

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@benseven, Most web browsers ignore the color profile in your images and display it as sRGB anyway. @richardhenry seems to do a lot of web stuff, so I imagine he’d like to see how things are going to look to his users when he’s in Photoshop. Adobe RGB is a better space, but if you’re primarily doing web work, I don’t think it’s practical to set it up that way.

@richardhenry, If you don’t want to get a hardware calibration device like what @bpeoples linked, I’d suggest turning off the lights (or putting a dark blanket over you and your monitor if it’s daytime), turning on the expert steps in the calibration wizard, and being patient with each step. Remember to squint or otherwise blur your vision. If your eyes get tired, close them and look as hard as you can in every direction, or take a break.

Do it a few times, and you’ll find yourself getting better at it. It takes practice, like anything else. Just save each profile with a new name and pick the best one when you can’t stand to spend any more time calibrating.

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@sumul – I was merely sharing what I’d had success with.

Having read this though, I’m starting to see I’m in for some entirely un-fun re-calibration.


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