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When you visited the bay area, what was your favorite thing to do or see?

Asked by Trustinglife (6618points) December 11th, 2008

This question is mainly for those who don’t live here, but if you live here and can’t resist answering, go ahead. I’m still fairly new to the area and wondering what else I could do for fun.

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Here are my suggestions. Enjoy.

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I spent two full days in China town last time I visited. I was enthralled with it.

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Haight-Ashbury, SFMOMA, China Town, and you have to go to Alcatraz. We also went to this restaurant: Scoma’s and I swear, it was the most delectable meal I have ever consumed. San Francisco is one of my most favorite places in the country.

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Eat seafood and drink martini’s.

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1) Eat burritos in the Mission.
2) See some sweet local bands play.
3) If you go to Alcatraz be sure to book in advance, it has a tendency to sell out.
4) Drive north and/or south on Hwy 1 for outdoor fun and beauty.
5) Exploratorium.

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Muir Woods is my definite number one choice.

If you want a beautiful, elegant hotel to have a cup of tea in, go to the Fairmont.

On the weekend, or day off, go down to Big Sur, or do the 17 Mile Drive in Carmel.

Somewhere outside SF is an Earthquake Park, which tells the story of the San Andreas Fault and shows some interesting stuff.

In Candlestick Park, check out the Japanese Tea Garden.

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Great ideas jca, but the Japanese Tea Garden is in Golden Gate Park. Candlestick Park is where the 49ers play football.

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@shilolo—hee hee : )

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If you are interested in China Town you might want to skip the one in The City and go to Oakland china town. Much more authentic.
There is a lot to do in and around golden gate park…exploratorium, history museum, etc. (don’t miss the buffalo in the park!)
Hiking in the east bay hills or Mt. Tam is always a good time. If you are into fishing there are lots of great places to fish. Point Pinole is a good place to experience the bay views from a different angle. Alcatraz is good, so is Angel Island if they are still letting people out there.

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shilolo-how right you are. my mistake.

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If you want to have some REAL fun, I suggest you rent a really flashy car, something like a Lambourghini, and put on tons of gold jewelry…chains, rings, necklaces, bracelets…you name it…and just to make sure you look like a real, rich, flashy guy, have a couple of hundred dollar bills hanging out of your pocket. Then put on a T-shirt that says “I love the police” on the front, and “hookers and drug dealers suck” on the back. Then drive down to an area of town known as the Tenderloin and call a whole bunch of attention to yourself…you know, tell them who’s boss. And don’t take any crap from ANYONE. It will be the most excitement you’ll ever have, guaranteed.

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From San Francisco, take the Golden Gate ferry to Larkspur, walk across the road to a shopping mall, and find the Marin Brewing Company. Great food, great beer, live music, great fun!!!

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We went to this restaurant called the Tonga Room. It was in a hotel in downtown SF. It was so neat because there is a big water area in the middle and it rains during your time there. I think it is in the Fairmont Hotel.

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dalepetrie: You forgot to tell them things are more fun in the TL after dark.

You can do this in the daytime, hang out at the plaza at 24th and Mission wearing a Blue Dodger’s jacket. Greet everyone in a 49er’s jacket with “Y tu mama tambien” It shows an interest in the local culture in the Mission.

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Thanks all!
@Loser, I live about 5 min from the Marin Brewing Co, and have been there a few times.
@Dale, I housesat for a friend in the Tenderloin. When I’d walk around, I was nervous all the time.
Muir Woods is awesome.
I really do need to check out Alcatraz some time. Anyone want to go with me?

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Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, Trader Sam’s on Geary, Golden Gate Bridge, Pacifica, The Presidio…Le Soleil on Clement…

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chica: Shush, the west side (except the park east of 9th Ave)is off-limits for tourists, didn’t you get the memo?

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On a more serious note, my actual suggestions are as follows:

If you like music, you gotta check out Rasputin’s (several locations). Otherwise I think people pretty much hit on everything I did there. The Exploratorium rocked. I’d say to truly experience Golden Gate you should walk across it. I definitely liked some of the shops, restaurants and museums just off the Wharf. The Haight was OK, but it’s clearly mostly an area now for stoners who wish they’d been around in ‘68. We enjoyed the zoo. I gotta agree about Scomas…best seafood you’ll ever have (even Chuck Norris agrees…they have a couple signed pics on the wall), though a bit $$$. Yes on Alcatraz, a must do. I’d check out this link for ideas.

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@Trustinglife: Hey neighbor! You know, I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never seen Alcatraz either!!!
Marin Brew Co rocks!!!

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Better than Scomas and everyone is not wearing shorts and flipflops, try the seafood at the Hayes Street Grill near City Hall or if you get out to the Richmond District, the Pacific Cafe @ Geary & 35th is cozy, reasonable and has great seafood.

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