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When it comes to donating money to charity, is there any way to find out exactly how much of your donation is going directly to where it is needed most or if your donation is being used for administrative costs for the charity itself or for other expenses?

Asked by Bluefreedom (22944points) December 11th, 2008

I’m quite selective in which organizations that I give money to and every now and then, I wonder just how much of people’s donations actually go toward the cause itself or if there might be mismanagement of the donated monies. I know I might sound cynical in asking this question but I sincerely do wonder about charities and how they distribute their funds.

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Great links you offered there, syz. Thanks much for posting those.

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(I can’t take credit, there was a recent question here on Fluther that turned me on to

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It’s okay, syz, you still did your homework for my question and you still get lurve. :o)

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I can tell you a story that is really quite sad,.i use to volenteer at a clothes and food pantry and the lady that was doing it retired. and the new lady that took over and she then limited all the clothes going out. and with the other lady the people could take all that you want. and now all they can take is just a small bag, and the size of the family don’t matter, and then at least twice a week they call the salvation army to come and get the clothes because there is so much. and people take it there so that the salvation army don’t get it and cost so much. so the stuff that has been given is not going where it is suppose too be going.

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I used to give to heifer International until I checked them out at Charity Navigator. Really ticked me off!

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There are many charities that allow you to specify what your donation is to be used for. I like doing that. When I give to my school (which isn’t exactly charity, but also is in a way), I can specify to the exact club what the money should be used for. When I gave when I graduated, my money went directly to my baby, the club I started and nurtured while I was there.

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