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How do you get rid of a pimple?

Asked by chelseababyy (7934points) December 11th, 2008 from iPhone

Like any home remedies? I’d pop it to get the whitehead out but it’s hurts owwww :(

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Ha ha! Yeah, borrow money from it and don’t pay it back!!

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Before you pop it, put some toothpaste on it, not the gel kind. If you put it on while you sleep, it should bring it down or get rid of it by morning. I’ve done it before and it works. If you’ve already popped it, just don’t touch it. I make that mistake all too much…

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Chant: Pimpilus go awayus over and over while spinning and jumping. 14 1/2 times should do it.

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@Katawa, will do!!
@Elumas, I did it and all that happened was.. Well I fell hahahahha

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There are many acne treatment products that can help in treating your pimples. These products can be natural acne treatments, synthetically created products, antibiotics, homeopathy and several others. Be careful with antibiotics as many of them have side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Do a proper research before you buy any acne treatment product to get rid of pimples and blemishes.

Here is a link which gives you some acne treatment products and reviews and how to select products.get rid of pimple

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A home-made remedy is to take an asperine and crush it. Mix it with water until it becomes a paste and then just put it on your pimple. It’s a spot treatment and will make it go away a little faster. U can also do it all over your face if you want to scrub/cleans your face.. but I’d do that only once a week. The spot-treatment you should do at least once a day for as long as you have it.

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