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How do I last longer in the bedroom?

Asked by bigjonny87 (2points) December 11th, 2008 from iPhone
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My boyfriend says he thinks about shark fishing.

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They make condoms with a kind of numbing medicine in them for just this purpose. I don’t know if they work, but an ex-boyfriend swears by them.

Also, practice on consciously holding back. This is not an immediate shift, but a long-term solution. Mind over matter, and all that.

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Practice… and by that I mean do a little personal training. After that consider this.

Most people freak out and are taken by what is happening. Practice being there. Focus on what you are doing to your partner. If you are not use to being touched then you need to work on getting over that because it will over excite every time. And we are know what happens when that happens. :)

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Work on your partner before he/she works on you. It’s fun for your partner, fun for you, and you can take your time depending on when you want to finish up.

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Kegel exercises?

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Last longer at what?

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Err. Lots of foreplay and, if you find yourself close during, think about dead kittens or something.

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I start trying to do complex multiplication problems in my head. But it’s funny, I keep getting distracted, and I don’t think I’ve ever solved one of those problems. Sigh.

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Think about golf.

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But not ball washers.

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doh. hand -> face.

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Turn off your alarm.

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try pulling at the balls a little. Not gently either, a quick tug usually springs me back to where I started from. (uh, thats a little embarrassing).

I’m gonna go run and hide my face now.

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Slow down.

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Think about judochop tugging on his balls… :-)

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is that what a cock ring’s for?

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@claire: generally, yes. It’s for men who have trouble maintaining a full erection. However, they also make vibrating ones that are just fun for everybody!

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get drunk and you won’t feel a thing…
or just stop sucking and make it last!

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ewwwww dont think about that….I should have worded it differently. There are things you can find in the KamaSutra that will help. I have a hang up where I feel like a jealous lover if my wife does not get to make the happy face too. I have tried many things and thats what works. Just be discrete, don’t go tugging like a monkey in the zoo.

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@judochop I love this quote “don’t go tugging like a monkey in the zoo.” Laugh out loud funny. Now, the real question. Don’t zoo monkeys deserve some privacy?

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male kegels.

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