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What food or drink can you "out-consume" the rest at any gathering where there is food and beverage?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7807points) December 11th, 2008

when i was a kid, my cousin could always eat the most pancakes at breakfast. seems like it’s hereditary for me, because i sure can eat a whole cheese pizza by myself with no help. how much food or drink can you tolerate?

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footnote: and you can do this easily without even looking like you eat that much at all…

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Doritos…right before I get sick!

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Milk. I can drink anyone under the table if that’s what we’re drinking. :)

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I won a taco eating contest once.

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Pizza. Both of my brothers and my Dad can eat crazy amounts of pizza. For whatever reason I could probably eat pizza every day and not tire of it. I can also be completely full and still continue to eat pizza. It’s craziness!

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edit: because I know how everyone is going to read into that. yes, those kind of brownies too, but that isn’t what I initially meant.

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Garlic Bread.

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Tacos! I won a contest with a family friend when I was like 11 years old. I ate 21 tacos.

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oreos or natural light

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Cookies, of all sorts.

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Raw oysters. I can easily eat over 144 and walk away hungry.

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Macaroni and Cheese!

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@Anaphase: You dare him?

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Cheese. Pizza too.

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alcohol! people suck unless you drink…

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@dpcollins yes we can! it is almost sickening how much pizza our family could eat…
and somehow your all skinny cept me haha

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Archway Cashew Nougat cookies.

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cut fruit: pineapple, melon, stuff like that.

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one time I went out to lunch with a friend…he called me right after I ate a big muffin for breakfast. I go out, have a 3 part meal appetizer, 1/2 burger, 6 cookies, milk, and pepsi, and we shared another appetizer as well.

After I was one cookie into my desert, I didn’t feel well, and he started giving me a lot of shit for not eating anymore than 1 cookie. So I ate 1 more cookie and topped it off with the rest of my milk…within 10 minutes I was outside throwing up from over eating.

I honestly didn’t know it was possible to over eat. I ate the other 4 cookies after I was sick by the way, my stomach made quite a bit of room for them.

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Hell yes I do. Binary/Anaphase taco eating contest. Right here, right now. Let’s do this.

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I can take both of you!

Maybe I should re-phrase that…

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Cheese. I love cheese. I can eat any amount of cheese thrown at me, all except pepperjack, monteray jack, and goats cheese. I kind of amze my family, because i can eat as much of it as i want, and have never been constipated in my life. I guess im just good like that.

and smirnoff.

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zax: does cheese really cause constipation? i always heard that but never had that happen from cheese. am wondering if it’s just a rumor.

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@Jca: Unless you’re lactose-intolerant, then the opposite problem occurs!

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