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How can I get a degree (masters or bachelors) in applied math or statistics?

Asked by denimboy (57points) December 11th, 2008

I have been out of college for 20 years. I have a BA and I am working now, but I want to branch into the world of practical mathematics. Are there online or night classes for this sort of thing? Will I have to start all over and take calculus, etc from a community college? What are the good schools for this sort of thing? How hard is it to get in?

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Do you have schools near you? You may want to browse their programs, check out their graduation requirements and ask if any of your old credits will transfer. Schools vary wildly in their policies.

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Most good schools can will see whether you can test out of the lower level math classes. Talk to the chair of the math department. Where do you live? What is your work experience? Try some practice SATS or GREs. If you do well, take them officially.

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I live in the SF Bay area, so there are quite a few universities nearby including UC Berkeley and Stanford. Both of those are highly competitive. My degree is in English although I took a lot of mathematics and computer science courses. I have been working as a programmer, UNIX Sysadmin, and/or DBA for 15 years, so my experience is possibly related but not relevant.

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I would maybe go to any local community college and drop by the counseling office. They provide free services and you may not need to be a student. I think that is a good start. Don’t forget to bring your transcripts! Good luck!

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