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Where are you?

Asked by breedmitch (12136points) September 3rd, 2007

Ok, so I know we’ve had this question before, but there are so many new people in the community and I’d like to see where people are located. Maybe one of our more tech-savy members could post the link to the last time this was asked. (I’d like Ms. Calder to try out her linking skills.) ;)

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Austin, TX.

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I am indeed an embryonic techno-genius; (call me Gail, BTW).

The challenge was huge: I looked to the right under “Siblings” and, guess what? I could have unearthed the link the hard way, also, I think, thru the tags.

I am still from the boonies, se of Albany and sw of Pittsfield, Ma., picking tomato and basil, yelling at the deer, admiring the foxes and the wild turkey pullets, hauling chipmunks in their little Havahart to the Rodent Home for the Aged, pouring boiling water over poison ivy, dropping Japanese beetles into water and alcohol and going to Tanglewood to hear Yo Yo and Emmanuel…

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@brownlemur; I thought that you were in Madagascar?

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San Antonio, TX

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I got back to the States at the end of May, then moved from St. Louis to Austin about 2 weeks ago – but brown lemurs DO belong in Madagascar!

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@brownlemur: Austin by choice? Madag. sounds like more fun.

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in the suburban town of Teaneck in NJ

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Madagascar has its ups and downs….I am in Austin by choice for a PhD program, so at least 7 years….

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How interesting that I see Austin and San Antonio since I was born and raised in San Marcos which is equidistant from each. (is that grammar correct, Gail?) If you have to live in Texas, God bless the Hill Country.

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I split time between Eugene and Portland Oregon. I do the work/school thing in Eugene and spend time with my GF in Portland. I pay rent in both places.

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In central NJ, in bed, trying to pretend I don’t have to get up for work :(

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LA = Louisiana

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ecuador, yeah right in the middle of the world!

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here is another link to when it was asked

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Durham, NC

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Dothan, AL for one more month, then heading to Iraq to work for a military contractor.

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San Antonio, Texas, USA

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@synapse. Stay safe.

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Ditto on GDKimble’s thoughtful comment..Stay safe Synapse

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I’m at a target in Dallas, tx

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baton rouge, la

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Thank you both, GD Kimble and Jill E for your thoughtfulness. A question I may have in the future is whether I should expatriate and live offshore to save the taxes.

My brother-in-law passed away last year, and he always said he would ensure my parent’s future. I feel he has laid it on my heart to be the one to now ensure that their golden years are comfortable, so that’s why I’m setting out on this adventure.

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Louisiana girl here! Hi ya gooch!

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@synapse: I want to second and third the sentiment for you to be safe. God bless you and your time spent in Bush’s Folly.

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@breedmitch: Thank you. All prayers are appreciated! It may be Bush’s Folly, but as long as US aircraft are operating there, they need support personnel.

Thanks again…

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@synapse, be careful please, sorry about your brother…

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@synapse; another prayer (to whomever you choose) from me. Keep yr head down and yr helmet on. I find it really discouraging to think that this is your best option to help your parents after they retire.Do they not have a pension, savings or SSS coming to them? Is there any other family member to help carry the burden? Condolences on your brother-in-law. Are you leaving a family behind?

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@synapse: stay safe there, my prayers will also be with you as well as your family.

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My deepest thanks to flameboi, Gail and mzgator. My parents are 75 and 78; my dad still works parttime as he says it keeps him young. He does not look his age at all and is in great health. Mom’s health is not so good. Yes, there are some savings and SSS but no pension. Yes, there are two siblings, yet they do not seem to be concerned or in their defense, as concerned as I am. Yes, I feel the responsibility should be shared between all three of us, and they will have to live with their mindsets and the state of their hearts. I believe it’s what we do for others that matters the most while we are here on Earth.

I would do anything for my parents, and I can do anything anywhere for 3 months. That’s the rotation schedule. I’ll be on a computer the entire time I’m there and I’m not allowed off the base, else I would be fired for “being stupid” the VP said.

The VP’s daughter-in-law is over there now. I asked him, “Do you love your daughter-in-law?” and he said “yes” and I said, “That’s good enough for me.”

I have a son, 23, in his last year of college. He was just home this weekend. Now that was a tearful goodbye, but we both realize that when it’s our time, it’s our time, no matter if we’re on I-75, US 41 or in Iraq. However, I will live to see my grandchildren. I do look forward to being in that ancient biblical place for Christmas. And I’m considering my options for settling offshore after my second rotation. I’m thinking the Bahamas as Nassau is only a 45 minute flight from Lauderdale. And I will wear my helmet and remember to duck!

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I join others in wishing you all the best, synapse. As an aside, even though I now live in the somewhat wild West of Seattle, WA, I am familar with Dothan, Alabama. Is that where your family lives?
Stay safe…

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