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What does it take to get you in the holiday spirit?

Asked by johnnyknoxville08 (237points) December 11th, 2008

The music is my answer

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Lights. I love the lights. My wife and I go to the hot spots around L.A., like Candy Cane Lane and Griffith Park. I like the music too. I went to itunes and bought enough Xmas songs for a CD, and I listen to it in my car.

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Alcohol helps a great deal.

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as soon as I see snow, whether it’s october or December, I can’t help but get excited!

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A bathtub full of eggnog with bourbon.

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Who knows, maybe this jam.

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Time. I cannot get into the “holiday spirit” until just a few days before Christmas.

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The weather…when it cools down and gets real foggy.

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Wrapping presents always puts me in the right frame of mind. In my case, that is usually the week before Christmas.

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When we get the decorations down from the attic. My son is 5 and gets so excited. He goes around making sure there is something reflecting the holiday in each room. Everyday after that, he moves things around. It’s just fun watching the littler ones react to the holiday. My daughter is doing that teenager, nonchalant attitude about Christmas; however, when we mentioned going to an annual party, she perked right up – well, for about an hour!

Christmas Eve, after we leave my parent’s house, my husband and I finish wrapping presents for the kids. We both get excited, we love watching how excited they both get when they walk into the family room. :)

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For me, it needs to be like 7–8 days before the holiday to catch the buzz. Having a good amount of “down time” helps quite a bit too. I like to bake something, drink some hot cider and listen to Vince Guaraldi’s A Charlie Brown Christmas. :o)

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If I ever figure it out, I’ll let you know.

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I’ve been trying to get into it the past few days: for me, it’s Christmas music, shopping, reading Christmas magazines (food magazines like Bon Appetit,“women’s magazines” like Women’s Day, Family Circle). Also, for me, taking a day or two off work is helpful to do stuff Christmas related in the house. This year I’m having trouble getting in the Christmas mood. I have a toddler at home who will be helping me get in the Christmas mood from now on. Right now she’s a little too young to comprehend.

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The colors- red, green and gold rule.

And the anticipation.

edit: and the food. and drink

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The music for sure, the cheesier the better

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