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What do you call a legitimate Fluther question that nobody has an answer for?

Asked by Ort (518points) December 11th, 2008

There must be a whole category of lame or too complicated or otherwise uninspiring questions here with next to zero responses. Would it be- a flutherstumper, an endser ...?

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Fluther orphan.
Adopt one today!

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A good question.

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Unrequited Jellystones?

what the eff??

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a Fluther orphan came to my mind as well. But since there are different kinds, lame is different from too complicated, there will have to be more subtlety in the labeling. That’s all I have for right now though.

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“Beyond our tentacles”

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I don’t know but it’s sneaking up behind you!

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A ‘Never mind’.

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I really like how Fluther has its own language. As a word, Fluther rolls so nicely off the tongue, feels warm and gently playful and ephemeral with a hint of leathery seriousness. And Lurve fits the concept so well. Both as positive acknowledgment and indicator of increasing value to the community. I think this orphan concept needs a fresh word to fit the emerging Fluther vocabulary, but it has to sound like it was always a word. So people say, “ah… of course, that question was a definite _____.”

skfinkel is right though, perhaps we need two types (like up and down quarks?) for the ones people avoid because they require too much chewing and those that are tasteless.
___+ and ___-

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Like “Beef Jerky” and “Oyster Crackers”?

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Stumper. (for the + side)

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and Why Bother for the -

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Or “Too Specific”

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a FlutherWhack.

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A Flutherbomb?

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Or for too lame – a flutherflat? (Or flutherfart?)

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silents mean aggre.So the question witch has been put on has the answer straight a way in.

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Flutherus ignarus.

[ Latin grammarians feel free to correct. ]

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Mmmm… I like the sound of Flump. Definitely inanimate and a bit disappointing to produce or to witness.

Two types? The Flumplus and the Flumpout? Or a simple Flump+ or Flump- ?

(Or the Flump click which is the sound of me closing the browser window and getting back to work…)

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Or, the flumpaa and the flumphh?

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Frizzer? Or is that another question’s answer?

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Fluther + fail = flail.

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Q: What do you call a legitimate Fluther question that nobody has an answer for?

An impossibility

Q: What do you call a legitimate Fluther question that nobody has a serious (real) answer for?

A Flutter

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These are wonderful suggestions. I am tempted to suggest that now we ought to think up meanings for all of them.

Speaking personally, I think I like “Flutherwhack” the best (but without the internal cap). It’s intuitive, and I can imagine people really using it.

Gotta give a GA to DalePetrie, though, just cuz.

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Thanks! It just begged to be said, didn’t it?

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