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Have you ever met or had a relationship with someone you met on fluther?

Asked by oasis (970points) December 12th, 2008

How did it go?
Did you find the person different when you met in person?

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I have to ask my girlfriend to Join here, and thats cool

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Jp and Allie are getting married

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To eachother?

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Yes.. We are still ironing out the details. She wants me to get a real job and I want to still be able to sleep with other people. I’m pretty sure we can work this out.

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@JP, congrats! And I hope you get some “Great Answer!“s to those pressing issues. ;)

I always think it’s sweet when people meet in online communities. I play a game called PMOG, and a couple of my friends there have made a love connection.

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JP lol a compromise is not out of the question,it’s a reasonable request!!!!!!!!

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JP did you MEET here?

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Yes we met here. Luckily she only lives one state away.

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no just computer friends

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Wow jp that’s soooo romantic. Lucky Allie! A jobless polysexual husband. I wish we could all have one of those.

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so are we all invited to the wedding?

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Well I’m inviting you guys to my wedding so I better be invited to yours :P

I know people on Fluther but only because I knew them before I joined. I haven’t met anyone in real life that I didn’t already know, but I plan to when I finish school!

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omg, your serious….

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I’m joking. I would never marry allie. She dislikes PBR, but she likes the Geto Boys. I could never be with someone that isn’t cool with my PBR tee-shirt.

But she likes the Geto boys.. I’m Conflicted

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Pookie, I don’t hate PBR, I just don’t praise it from mountain tops. I will not force you into marriage, but I think that our love of cheese and alcohol and our disdain for onions should have some influence.

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You are right. as usual

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Nope. Not on fluther. People here are much too sensible for that!

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Oh, come on. I’d be happy to meet you, Daloon.

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No, I didn’t mean it that way. I thought we were talking about romantic relationships. Of course people would meet me, like at the annual fluther picnic, or something. Although you, TL, would have to find a way to hop across a continent to attend the East Coast fluther picnic. Which is to be held on July 4th, in Fairmount Park. At least, that’s what it says on the Philly Phluther Club calendar of events. I believe a block of seats has already been reserved at Citizens Bank Field, so we can all take in the World Champions.

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That sounds like a lot of fun.

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It would be fun, wouldn’t it?

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