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I plan to travel in Spain in 2 months, Do you have any tips or site to refer?

Asked by kristomagno (4points) December 12th, 2008

Anyone can give me an advice, what should I do and what to prepare.

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Depending what part of spain you will visit, but for the beach locations;
– Wear something on your feet upon walking on what looks like sand. It’s 9 out of 10 times a man made beach with tiny pebbles that get blistering hot.

- Drink your soda (from the bottle) without the ice. Its regular tap water and not healthy. You can actually smell the Chlorine dioxide in the water.

- A lot of shops sell software/games that look to good to be trough.They are. Often DS games like 40 on one cartridge, contain like 5 bad games, named diffrently to make a list of 40 games

- Don’t mess with the Guardia Civil. It’s Spain’s military police force. They are on the streets a lot, and can use their weapon-stick at any given moment. Beat you to pulp first, lock you up later…

- Shop owners are really friendly, but don’t try to get your money back after a bad purchase . They forgot how to talk English instantaneously, or try to convince you are in the wrong shop

- Although the deck chairs on the beach look comfortable, I won’t recommend them. you pay quite a lot, and at night when they are stacked up high they are the sure spot for people with a blather/alcohol problem.

- ETA. well they promised a ceasefire, but you never know.

- Bring cash. Banks open and close at the weirdest times without any logical explanation. ATM machines are almost like slotmachines, you never know what you gonna get.

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If you go to Barcelona, be sure to see all of Gaudi’s works. Especially La Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera. Both are simply breathtaking.

EDIT: Wow, Jax, you make Spain sound like a miserable place. I never had a problem there.

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I went to Spain a while back and had a wonderful time as well. You could spend a week alone in the Prado (Madrid). We rented a car and drove all over; only problem is parking is scarce. If you are on a tour or can use taxis, no problemo. The food! Oh, man, I could go on for hours about it, I could live on tapas forever. and the cafe’ con leche; its hard to go back to ‘regular’ coffee…We used Rick Steves’ guide to get around, and it was full of very useful tips and sites to see. Have a Wonderful time!

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I’ve been to Barcelona a few times on business and pleasure. It totally agree with Les. I’ve never had a problem with ATMs, I never bother with having more than a few euros for the taxi fare from the airport. The main problem in Barcelona is pickpockets.

If you go to the south, then I’d have a look inland at places like Rhonda, beautiful scenery. Don’t waste your time going to Gibraltar, it’s a dump.

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(Ronda). I agree, go there, walk everywhere. Take trips to the small “pueblos blancos” in the Serrania de Ronda and do the same thing there. These are medieval hilltowns, developed long ago, houses piled on top of one another, intensely livable, built where the land is too steep to farm. Farming happens all around on the flat land. People drive mules slowly up steep rocky streets barely wide enough for horrible tiny European cars. Great stuff.
I also remember Cuenca with great affection. Part of the old city is built on knee-braces overhanging a great big gorge. Pretty exciting.
Spain has a lot of heavy regional languages. In Catalonia they do not like to speak Castilian, though they can; Basque is difficult (for me at least) but you might want to curry favor by learning some phrases; in Galicia you almost have to speak Portuguese. As we all know, a little effort goes a long way. God I envy you.

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The Basque Country is very beautiful. The museum in Bilbao is a must-do, Pamplona, and San Sebastian.

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Yes reading back my entry, it does sound a little depressed. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice place, but maybe a bit too commercial and overcrowded for my taste. The beach area that is of course…

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In the summer everything is crowded. In the fall and early spring it’s wonderful. You may encounter some snow.

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