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How can I prevent my computer from opening an email app?

Asked by bob (3193points) December 12th, 2008

I use web-based email. And a Mac. I never want to accidentally click a “mailto” link in Safari and have my computer open Is there a way to stop this behavior? I don’t want my computer to open any email program, ever.

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Mailto links can’t be changed in Safari: they have to point to something. However, you can change the e-mail client (or app) using this tutorial – maybe you could make a workflow using automator, that actually does nothing, then do ‘Save as’ and save it as a .app rather than a workflow: Then, select it as your e-mail client using that tutorial, and effectively nothing will happen.

I think.

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I use More Internet to do this. (Kinda)

I have it set so mailto links point to the dock. Which does nothing but make the browser lose focus. It is set up like this.

And the can be found in System/Library/CoreServices/

While not ideal it was the best way I found to deal with this problem.

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JP Rocks!

I went and had a mosy round Pillow persuasion dude, but got an error when I hit the RSS subscribe button, just to let you know.

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Excellent, thanks for the link. I just tried JP’s solution, and I can get that result by simply specifying as my default email client in I don’t need More Internet. So that’s super easy.

Additionally, Google Notifier lets me specify that mailto links open in a new Gmail tab. That’s much less of an annoyance than opening up a new program. I’ll either go with that or with JP’s solution.

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@benseven: Thanks for the heads up.. Should be fixed now. And that site was kinda a joke that never really turned out to be funny. But I do use it to store images.

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While we’re on the topic, I have the same question as Bob, but I use a PC. My mailto link goes to Outlook, and I want to have it go to my Gmail account instead. Do you know how I can do this? Thanks!

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I also set them to compose in gmail.

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I am using the Google notifier. On a PC, the easiest way is to download Google Talk.

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I have Google Talk. How does that influence the mailto link?
I had Gmail notifier and uninstalled it. Is that related to the mailto link?

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i think you’ll have to set it in the settings of google talk.

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