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Where can i find a cheap replacement screen for my Mac laptop?

Asked by rstern (10points) November 16th, 2006
I cracked my screen and I want to find the cheapest way to fix it.
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What model is it? I would suggest finding a dead one that has a good screen and swap them.
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The screen is typically one of the most expensive parts of the laptop - you might want to look into buying a refurb replacement.
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I've had a lot of friends who've gotten replacement laptops on eBay, and other such websites. do some online shopping for screens, and your sure to find a replacement.
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if you laptop is less than one year old, then you might be able to get it fixed under warranty. if you bought applecare, and you should have, then it's three years. if your laptop is more than three years old, then buying a replacement used laptop is absolutely the cheapest solution.

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