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Are you supposed to tip the AAA driver?

Asked by Jeruba (51635points) December 12th, 2008

I don’t need roadside help very often, but it is a godsend when I do, and I make sure every member of my family carries a AAA Plus card at all times.

This morning it saved me from being stranded with a dead battery. As the nice young man pulled away in his truck, I wondered all of a sudden if a tip was expected. I never thought of it before because it is a service I have paid for through my membership and I was in need of help; I thought of it more like calling a doctor than like going to a restaurant or having my hair done. But maybe it is customary?

You don’t tip your mechanic, do you??

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Why bother? You already pay them an outrageously large sum of money every month…

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I tip if I think I will see the person again. I tip the bartender. I probably wouldn’t tip if the odds are good that I will never see them again. If they offer amazing service I will tip.

But I always tip a waitress/waitman. Just because they deserve it. Unless they are complete shitheads.

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psst, @JP, “waiter”

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@Jeruba… Thank you. I knew I was missing something. I was actually ready to append a (sp?) to that. My brain is full of worthless crap and I am starting to forget important stuff. It is like pouring a keg into a shot glass.

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@JP, don’t feel bad. You can afford to forget all the common stuff because there’s plenty of other people to remember it for you. I bet a lot of the worthless crap you remember is really interesting. And which stuff do you think you’re going to find more entertainment in chewing on once decrepitude creeps in?

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The AAA driver towed my car 28 miles to the specific dealer I wanted to work on the car. I paid the AAA rate of course but I gave him an extra $5.00 for towing me and being careful with the car.


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I’ve never tipped the AAA man before…I don’t think they would turn it down, but I don’t think it’s expected…

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I have had several flat tires and the AAA guy has always been there and helpful. i did tip him a bottle of cold spring water one time in the summer. i am rethinking my tipping to the AAA worker. i may now give a tip, instead of water. although, he really did appreciate the water. it was in the 90s and the humidity was at least 80%.

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