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Are there any online contacts with Prisoners allowed in the US?

Asked by oasis (970points) December 12th, 2008

penpal type sites for prisoners to contact the outside world.

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Check here. or here It looks like there are quite a few.

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I saw this show on t.v. about women who connect with men in prison by websites. This one chick met a prisoner online and they got married in the prison. He is in for life without the possibility for parole. The chick was is her young twenties and good looking. I dont understand what she is thinking. She can’t even see him face to face just through glass once a month.

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Thanks scamp,i think that these are only letter writing and not email sites which i want.thanks again

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Generally, prisoners are not allowed access to the Internet. It’s too hard for the officials to snoop and censor the incoming and outgoing messages.

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Well spenn… You’re “talking” to us, aren’t you? Guess so!

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