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Which is better- Brooklyn or Queens?

Asked by snow0425 (5points) December 12th, 2008

I will be moving to the NYC area in March and am trying to find decent neighborhoods to search for apartments. I am 22, fresh out of college and will be moving by myself so I am looking for something around $1000/month (if that even exists), safe and in a neighborhood with a lot of young professionals. Does anyone have any opinions about which place is better to live- Brooklyn or Queens? I am looking for employment in Manhattan so travel time/proximity to transportation is important. Also, what are some good neighborhoods in those boroughs? Thanks!

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I would say Queens because that’s where Vincent Chase is from.

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I know that Brooklyn is the new in place, but because of that, I would imagine Queens is cheaper. I bet you can locate some cool places in Queens, but you will find a ready group in Brooklyn.

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Bedford-Stuyvesant, Red Hook, Crown Heights, Brownsville, East New York: Great places to live in Brooklyn.

Queensbridge, Far Rockaway, Jamaica, Corona: Great places to live in Queens.

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My how things have changed since I lived there. One never went to Bed-Stuy, Brownsville or East New York. They were too dangerous. Red Hook was all dead industrial and slimy looking. Only Crown Heights was ok. The Slope was considered the only place besides Brookly Heights, and Carrol Gardens that one could live in, and not be ostracized by Manhattanites.

As to those places in Queens—isn’t Far Rockaway terribly far away? Like an hour or more on the subway to get to Manhattan? I don’t know the other places for sure, but mightn’t they be awfully far, too? What about Fort Greene (Bkln), or Williamstown (Qns)?

Also, do people still live in group houses?

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I’m living in Manhattan now, and it seems like everyone is going to Brooklyn… There are some relatively affordable places (although it will probably be 1, 2, 300 more than your idea.

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