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What are you doing right now?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) December 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I am loving the fact that I am home all alone!! No kids, no husband. Only my ferocious attack dog Max and me! I am Fluthering, have control of the remote, and relishing the fact that NOBODY has anything to say to me right now! Priceless!

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So, you can run naked through the house and no one will know? Do it!

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I am trying to figure out why I can’t change my icons in OSX. I am drinking water. I am typing.

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Oh, I’m soaking up all the naked time I can get!

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I’m getting ready to watch The Daily Show and the Colbert Report on

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I’m eating a small Sweet Heat pizza from Bricks, drinking the rest of the Reindeer Ranch red wine from earlier this week, and Fluthering. When my boyfriend gets here, I’m gonna be setting up the VCR and watching Beauty and the Beast. Unless he doesn’t bring the VCR. Then there might be trouble.

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I might be waiting for my Megavideo timeout to expire. Maybe. If I were one to watch TV online.

@EP VCR? Even I have a DVD player:)

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@Snoopy: DVD player I have. But being literally the first thing I ever purchased with my own money, Beauty and the Beast is on VHS.

And it’s bleep bleeping in the vault! So Blockbuster won’t rent it and neither with Netflix. Bleeping bleepers.

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@SM, it’s a shame we live a mile apart and you don’t drink.

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@EP I have so many things on VHS. One day, maybe, I will get them to DVD. Maybe.

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I’m trying to decide or rather to go out on a very dark and stormy night, to a concert at a friend’s house. I know it will be nice to be there, but getting there will be dicey.

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I am holding my newborn niece right now. She is beautiful and I have her positioned where I can type on my phone and I am so happy I could shit :)

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@turtle, I would love to hold a newborn, LUCKY!! What a wonderous experience!

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I am so proud of this baby and I didn’t even do anything.

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I’m eating a chicken taco with beans and rice.

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@jessturtle: congrats! They let you come visit! What’s her name?

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Sophia Ava Chechak-Vaughn.

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Finishing up my Chinese delivery, watching some wedding dress show on TLC, Fluthering, and thinking about how I really, really, really should be working on all the school work I have due on Tuesday.

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Flutherinh when I should be sleeping.

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1:15 AM. Fluthering in blessed silence : )

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fluthering and listening but not really watching my DVR recording of biography: the red hot chili peppers.

what i SHOULD be doing: cleaning and organizing all the christmas crap i bought last night on my big shopping spree.

what i WILL be doing after i check fluther: another cup of tea and then cleaning and organizing all the christmas crap i bought last night on my big shopping spree.

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Procrastinating…and avoiding doing my holiday cards/greetings. Ugh.

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enjoying the fact that for this brief moment, I have no students in my room. I hear nothing but my own typing and the soft hum of the CPU. It’s Friday, and the weather’s finally starting to warm up. I am reveling in it.

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