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Is your kid totally different than you ever were?

Asked by gimmedat (3946points) December 12th, 2008 from iPhone

So my daughter is a sophomore in high school. She is an accomplished athlete, popular, outgoing, and totally part of “that crowd” ( you know the kind). She is so different from what I was at her age. How did this happen? Is (was) your kid like you?

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I would consider it a very good thing that your kid is different from you—you raised her to be who she can be, and not in your image. Good work!

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I didn’t think my image was that bad, but I guess you’re right. Thanks for putting a positive spin on it (freakishly accurate without even knowing me).

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Yes, my child is very different than me.

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Yes, both are in some ways.

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Both of my children are more outgoing, confident and adventuresome than I was. They have far less fear of failing, and also can embrace (and even laugh at)their failures. Luckily neither of them have adopted my perfectionist tendencies.

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My daughter is the spitting image of me, face, body, intellect but she is just not me.

The middle son is nothing like me, looks nothing like me, acts in no way like me but looks just like (get this) my sister and my wife’s brother!!!

The younger son is taller than me, red-headed while I have brown hair, is feisty and arguementative whereas I am the peacemaker, but in school he acts just like I did, smarter than most, doesn’t work hard enough to get A’s but gets B’s and B+‘s without any effort.

They are all different and have been that way since they were born and they are 24, 19 and 18 (next week)


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I think I’m a lot like my dad in many ways…but in also in many ways my interests are far different than his. I should mention, he was married and had me by time he was my age though. But we do think a lot alike, and act and sound the same way. I was one of the athletic popular guys in school just like he was too.

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Two of my daughters – the youngest and oldest – are more like me. The youngest even looks exactly like I did at her age (she’s my ‘mini-me’). My middle daughter is more like her dad in most ways. They have had a much different upbringing than I had, and as a result are more comfortable with themselves than I was, less fearful. They are also much more innocent than I was at their ages (thank God!) All three have had very distinct personalities since birth. The only thing we all have in common is being big readers.

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Even though its your kid, its still only half you.

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Mine is so similar some people think she’s a clone. And she seems to be taking after my character too, especially all the bad parts, which is like looking at myself in the mirror all the time. Scary!

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But my dauter says my grand son is just like me :-)

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I meant daughter. lol

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