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What can I do with my week?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) December 12th, 2008

I just finished school and I have a week until I go to Florida. I have nothing to fill the void for the next week. Can you help me think of ideas that I can do for a day. I want things that will last all day, not just an hour.

By the way, I live in Montreal, and I absolutely HATE the snow.

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Go to an aquarium!

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Read more. A good book can take at least a day.

Have a movie day, where you watch your favorite old ones or exciting new ones from morning til night.

Explore. Do the touristy stuff in your own neighborhood. It’s out in the snow, yeah, but it doesn’t have to center on the snow itself.

Take some classes – outside of school. Any enrichment courses around? Learn some conversational Spanish, or how to knit, or how to cook a three course dinner. Or whatever.

Clean out the basement. Or clean out my basement – that would take all week, here. :)

Spend the day with some other people, doing what they want to do. This works particularly well with older folks. Do you have nearby grandparents who never get to see you? I bet they’d love to.

Volunteer somewhere. There are all kinds of organizations in need, who don’t require an ongoing committment.

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Try reading a good, long book like a Stephen King book or if you are creative, write your own short story.

Have a minature movie marathon at your house. Just watching some of your favorite movies.

Hang out with some of your friends and maybe they will think of something to do.

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Volunteer at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or food pantry. Or for Habitat for Humanity, they might have some indoor building projects going on. Or sign up to tutor kids at an after-school program.

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Get your mom to teach you to cook something.
Clean out your closet and give stuff you don’t wear or need anymore to charity.
Visit grandparents, if they’re around.
Take any young cousins to do something, like a movie.
Write down everything you know about your parents and their families.
Take your girlfriend shopping or hang out at her house.
Shine your shoes.

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Where do you live?

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Clean out your files. Funnnnnn.
But you could make it fun – with music, once you get into it…

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