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What is the best way to get holiday photo cards made?

Asked by girlofscience (7527points) December 13th, 2008

I always receive tons of those picture cards from my family in which there is an image of the family and then a holiday message on the side. We just got pictures taken with Santa and our daughters, and the photographer is going to send us the files later today, so we would like to get them made into holiday photo cards to send out to the family. I would like to send them within the next few days.

I have found a few online ways to do this, but they don’t really look like the holiday photo cards I am used to, and I’m not sure how long shipping would take. Is there a store that would create nice ones in a short amount of time?

If you have sent out holiday photo cards, what method have you used?

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At Walmart you can upload them on the machine, customize the message, and print as many as you want.

Here’s the site-to-store website

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wal-mart is good and we’ve also used Costco, if you have one of those and a membership. Both are pretty quick and reasonable.

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It is hard to beat Wal-Mart, unless you want really high-end cards.

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Costco is great, but in addition to the membership, the minimum order is 50, FYI.

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Maybe at

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Or Sam’s club….that’s what we used to do (before switching to Costco)

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Great, thank you, everyone. I do not have memberships at any of those Costco/Sam’s Club places, so I have found a Walmart in my area. (I did not even know there was one, haha.)

Now, in what format do I bring my photo to Walmart to upload? Memory stick? CD? Email it to myself?

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I think you can do it all online… You don’t have to bring your photo there at all. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

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If you look at my first post, you can create them on the site, and pick them up in store


you can bring them in on a cd or any memory card device and create them at a photo lab in the store

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I’ve found the best to be Qoop.

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Yeah, do it online, OR generally those machines will take your memory card, CD, whatever media you have.

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Great. I’m creating it on Walmart online now!

Anyone who gave me advice is welcome to a card. If you would like one, PM me your address. (You get to see the adorable picture of me, my boyfriend, our girls, and Santa. I should note though, only 2 of our 3 daughters made it in the picture. Our wildchild, who lived a year on the streets before we took her in, freaked out and started hissing, biting, and hiding under the displays as soon as she got on Santa’s lap.)

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You can get these done just about anywhere now, there are even photo shops in Target now, and in the malls, just about anywhere you go, even in grocery stores. I would keep the pictures in your purse and when you see a photo shop, stop and ask about the cards, they will be happy to help you out. Merry Christmas

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Have me design them…...:)

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