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How do you get married on the moon?

Asked by girlofscience (7527points) December 13th, 2008

You have unlimited funds (we’re talking trillions). You and your spouse-to-be would like to get married on the moon and have your reception there. You would like to have the ceremony and reception with earthlike gravity (using some kind of gravity generator in the station in which your wedding will take place). The station will be made of glass and look out on the moon. You would also like 150 close friends and family to join you on the moon for the ceremony and reception.

What’s your first step? Whom do you contact? How do you get this set up? How long in advance would this need to be planned? Would you hire a wedding planner, or would this be beyond the scope of a wedding planner? What else would you need to do?

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I would start by contacting Space Adventures, those dudes who want to do lunar vacations. Then I would offer to endow a chair at each MIT and Caltech if they could form a coalition to invent an artificial gravity machine.

And then I would have Tartine cater. And I would ask David Plouffe to coordinate everything.

What else?

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Are you thinking of doing this or something? Because you are going to need to be reeeeeally rich and you and the people you want to come would probably have to go through a lot of training just to go. Is it even worth all the trouble?

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I would import the air from Lourdes and the heat from Krakatoa.
‘Fiery’ Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes‘an would provide the music.
This last thing would cost me a fortune as Figrin D’an & Co. won’t usually perform at weddings.

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Why the heck would you want earth-like gravity?

I’ve always wondered how you find people for stuff like that. I’ve always had that idea that if you’re super rich, you can hire someone to find those people for you, but I don’t know how those people would find the people.
It would probably take a long time to arrange something like that. I guess the more money you have available, the less time it would take, but even with unlimited funds, it would probably take at least a few years. I’m tempted to say it might only take five or so years. I’ll bet there’s a lot of technology that’s already out there that you could utilize, that just isn’t used currently because there isn’t much of a market for it.
I’d imagine you could find plenty of people who would be willing to plan a wedding like that, but very few, if any, (and probably not any,) with the expertise in both wedding planning and science that would be needed for such a job. Maybe you could hire a team of wedding planners.

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The first thing to take care of, of course, is hiring a crack team of researchers to spend the next 20 years developing a gravity generator. =)

The whole plan is do-able in today’s technology for unlimited funds, except for the earth-like-gravity.

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I don’t know, wouldn’t one person have to have been born there or something?

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I can’t see straight, but best question of the year.

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Ha! Ha! Ha!

I would have to agree with you there!

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Wouldn’t it be kind of like getting married under water combined with a destination wedding?

The challenges:
1. You will have to pay for transportation, clothing and accomodations for guests and vendors.
2. Unless you use the captain of the spaceship, you will have to find an officiant willing to participate. I don’t think a friend who is an online minister is qualified once you leave earth’s gravity.
3. Finding wedding outfits that allow you to distinguish the bride from the groom.
4. Flowers-do some research. How will they fare in that environment. Ditto the cake.
5. The reception-you have a couple of choices a. Eat squeeze tube food on board a musty, fusty space capsule b. Pay the billions to build a space station on site. You may still have to eat cold food electric burners or open flame are probably not a good idea in near zero gravity.
6. Wedding night in zero grav might sound interesting but I think you probably need a lot of practice to be successful.
7. Do you really want to spend a week in close quarters with your in-laws?
8. Drinking recycled urine takes something away from the adventure and romance.

Anyway if you want something badly enough, I’m sure you can get it. BTW I’ll be busy that week just let me know where you are registered.

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I can’t tell – is this a real question, or just a hypothetical?~

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You fake it. No one will ever know!

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How the heck will you have sex though? It would be a little hard to do through space suits…

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The Russians would do it for enough money

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why not just take some heavy drugs and go to the desert and get married? Not that I know how that feels

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No, don’t want to leave the earth just yet. I love being grounded here, and health reasons with blood clots would prevent me going anyway. One of my theories of the holes in the ozone is also from space shuttles going up and breaking through the ozone. Just don’t want to take a chance adding to that if it would turn out to be the truth.

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Would space travel be good for your grandparents?

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Speaking of going to the desert… I went to Burning Man for the first time this year. It’s a little like the moon…?

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Ok, wow. Thanks to those of you who actually indulged my question with real answers! That’s what I was looking for.

No, I am not planning to do this. The other night, driving home under a beautiful, gigantic full moon, I drunkenly and jokingly asked my boyfriend, “How could we get married there?” We are not billionaires, and we would not actually do this, but it prompted an interesting discussion about how this could be made possible and what steps would be necessary to make a marriage on the moon happen. I decided to ask the collective for your thoughts.

@Comedian: Uh, I wasn’t aware that many couples had sex during their wedding ceremony or reception. Considering we aren’t a waiting-for-marriage couple, I think we could hold off until after we left the moon and arrived in Greece for our honeymoon.

@wilhel1812: All of my grandparents are dead.

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Oh, i’m sorry.

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not during the ceremony. Like after. You’re just going to fly up get married then fly down? I would want to spend a little time there. Maybe take a nice trip to Saturn…or uranus lol jk. If you say it right it isn’t funny but if you say it wrong it is lol.

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Virgin Galatric…would be a first step…the CEO Branson might help you

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If you’re hung up on gravity, you could just have someone marry you on a set that looks like the Moon.

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