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How long does a typical Fluther Question last?

Asked by Ort (518points) December 13th, 2008

I’ve noticed that with the constant flow of Fluther questions, most seem to peak early in terms of responses and then fade over time. Do the Founding FlutherFathers have any data or interesting patterns they would be willing to share with us? Do 90% of questions flatline after a couple of days, for example? Any thoughts, speculations?

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No one really knows….One…Two…
Oh wait…
That’s how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop….

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One of the cool things about Fluther is that a question can resurface even months later. I don’t delete many of the ones I follow because someone may come along and add something new to it at any time.

In general, I’d say they stay active for a couple of days, but you never know when one will be renewed.. There are many topics here that are timeless.

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Since they hide the response date info it would be hard for mere mortals to tell how long most of them do last. I like the idea of timeless questions, though. Certainly too many other graphs suggest impending apocalypse, even perhaps even for Fluther. Play with mass global communication miracles while we can! Que viva Fluther! Perhaps the questions will outlive us all…

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@Ort, you are a very quick study. I think your estimate was totally right on: I’d say 90% of questions seem to flatline after a day or two, or slow down to a trickle. Sometimes I think this is a shame, since often a juicy conversation happens after the first flurry of answers. After a day, it seems like most people don’t check back.

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@Ort Cruise the archives and post on one of the oldies but goodies to see if you can revive it. Some people keep questions they were interested in for a very long time.

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This is interesting. Thanks for the responses. In the wiki community there are different roles that seem to emerge such as the WikiGnome or the Champion – it makes sense that a site like this one has its own ecosystem niches as well. We’re talking here about the importance of the FlutherCompostTurner. I haven’t used the OLDER <—> NEWER function yet. The waters seem murky on Fluther. Intimate, full of surprises and blessed with odd clumping pattens. Seems Fluther would be just as ripe for CompostSpiking as it would CompostFeeding

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AHHHH! I fell for it….again!!! Ha ha, good one @Ort!

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Here’s an example of a question being revived. Read the last post. ( don’t worry, it’s safe to click on my link… ha ha!!)

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Sexual questions can go for days, depends on the subject.

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