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Walking a joyous discipline,
A thin thread of courage,
A slim high wire of dependence
Over abysses.
~Robert Lax

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Do the right thing. That’s it in a nutshell.

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Smoking weed in good company and conversing
Reading scriptures (bible, Gita, tao te ching, kerouac)
singing/jamming endlessly and channeling that infinite energy
kicking with the homies and drinking a 40oz
writing out my purest thoughts and prayers

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tai chi
movement + theatre work.
hands-on healing
playing with puppies
figuring out how it all fits together.

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i light a candle every day and state an intention while staring into the flame
(like “to be grounded and present” or “to be loving and gentle in every moment”
or “to naturally, easily accomplish what i need to do”... whatever feels necessary)
i burn sage and state out loud what i’m clearing away while i smudge my body
(like “clearing away self-doubt” or “clearing away physical pain” or
“clearing away the obstacles” or “clearning way the murky sludgy mind”)
i burn sweetgrass and call in the support i need (ancestors, spirits, energies)
i meditate
i read tarot
i study kabbalah
i write down my dreams
i sing
i garden
i swim

also i am jewish and i practice some of the jewish traditions
i particularly like rosh chodesh (new moon)
tisha b’av (anniversary of the destruction of the temple)
shavuot (stay up all night and study/teach each other things)
passover (remembering escape from egypt)
the high holy days (rosh hashanah and yom kippur)
i loved sukkot and purim as a kid but always miss them now
and of course chanukah, and shabbat
(i try not to look at the clock on saturdays)
and i try to say the modeh ani every morning when i wake up
(it basically says “thank you for returning me to my body”)

i have a lot of ritual in my life, entwined with my self-care
i spent a lot of years feeling really empty, not sure what the point was,
and now the point is moment to moment in the way i live my life…
i try not to be obsessive about it, all of this shifts day to day
but i work to be consistent so i can see the effects of the effort i put in.

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