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Is it expensive to get a driver's license/residency in California?

Asked by steveprutz (180points) December 14th, 2008

I am thinking about gaining residency in California, and needed first-hand advice on the expenses and if the rumors of a $300 DL have any truth.

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A drivers license is $28.00 in California. You may be confused with registration fees for you car which are more and are based on the value of the car, county of residence and other arbitrary things.

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The license is cheap, but insurance is expensive. :) Good Luck!

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My insurance is only $42/month, so it’s not always expensive.

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wow, trustinglife, where are you at? That is awesome!

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San Rafael, just north of SF. I have an old car (‘90) and work from home. Oh, and a great driving record. That’s a good recipe!

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I wouldn’t know, I’m in Connecticut.

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yes, the good driving record helps immensely, plus years of driving experience…that is such a great price! We pay 150 a month (my hubby and I) but we also don’t live by a major city, which also helps.

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I’m assuming you guys are liability only, right?

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oh no, complete insurance

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