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Why do i sleep 'hot'?

Asked by nomtastic (979points) December 14th, 2008

i wake up many nights in the middle of the night and throw off all the covers; yesterday i woke up sweating like i was breaking a fever?? web md tells me i am menopausal (um, i’m in my 20s) or have a neurological disorder. what is going on??

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Well, it is sick season where I am, so it could be you are fighting off an infection. Or maybe you just keep the heat up too high at night, or have too many blankets on your bed. Try sleeping with the window open a crack.

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I suggest getting blood work to see if your white blood cell count is high. This happened to me when I had an infection

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but i don’t feel sick at all.

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Your hormones could be off kilter even in your 20’s. American doctors see all hormonal symptoms in women as “menopausal” for some reason. It could be a completely different hormone than estrogen causing the problem, but trying to get a doctor to sway from his indoctrination and explore it is next to impossible. I have had hormone fluctuations my whole life, until I was really “post menopausal” and got on bio-identical hormones. Now the problem is remembering to take them since they have to be twice a day.

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Hyper-thyroid (hormonal, too) can also cause this problem.

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I was gonna say thyroid, too. Go get a physical, couldn’t hurt to know.

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I was going to suggest the thyroid too. I went through that with my graves dsease.

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A normal component of sleep cycles includes variation in body temperature. As your core temperature goes up and down during the night, you’ll sometimes feel hot, sometimes comfortable, and sometimes chilly.

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I can’t regulate the heating in my building. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I wake up and the heat is going full blast, even though it was much lower when I went to bed.

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hmmm…. the thyroid thing is interesting especially considering your sensitivity to food and making sure you eat often, etc….. I don’t know if that’s related but it could be…..

we miss you!!!

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sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night hot too. i never really gave it much though. i just throw the covers off and go back to sleep. is it really bad in your case? do you have a hard time sleeping after that?

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