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what is the most common model handgun carried by U.S law enforcement?

Asked by jettyrock (3points) September 5th, 2007 from iPhone
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I believe its the the less deadliest. Thats unless you get hit on the head or any vital parts.

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40 caliber Glocks are pretty popular

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most lost local law enforcement seem to be carrying Glock 17 (9mm or .40 cal), and feds are carrying SIG Sauer P226 (9mm, .40, or .45) . I think (?) the US government has a contract with SIG SAUER for law enforcement sidearms.

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..while I’m thinking about it… LAPD was carrying Beretta M92 9mm last I knew and the NYPD is carrying any assortment of pistols but primarily either Glock 15/17 or a SIG Sauer… I forget what model, but it’s essentially a smaller, stainless steel version of the P226, and it’s being issued to the officers that are graduating currently.

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Philadelphia cops carry the Glock 9mm also.

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LOL I just noticed my post didn’t register “glock” but yea its the less deadliest. Also the mk9’s but I’ve only seen those on covert ops its one of the most quiet handguns If I’m not mistaken

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I carry a Sig P226 .40 caliber. It seems to be either Sig Sauer or Glocks with an occasional 1911 .45 Cal every so often.

The California Highway Patrol only carry Smith and Wessons for some strange reason.

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