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Are there any cool tours/trips I can join for Xmas/ New years?

Asked by emilyrose (2263points) December 14th, 2008

I want to leave the city/country for the holidays if I can find something cool to do. Are there any cool trips that attract solo travelers? I would love to go somewhere warm.

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You don’t mention if money is an issue. Right now there are some excellent bargains in the Bahamas. Here is just one resort with several offerings.

My very best Christmases have been getaway holidays. Enjoy!

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Head down over the border, no not Taco Bell I mean Mexico.

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Ask a local travel agent. They get all the news about singles tours. They get their money from the company so it doesn’t cost you anything. I often find a complete trip on the Internet with all the details and then have my travel agent book it since he’s a friend of mine and they don’t give me a discount for booking it myself.
Vegas could be fun too! You could try on a new persona :-)

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Oh yeah, dinero. I’d like to spend $800 or less total if possible….

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And where would you be traveling from?

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San Francisco : )

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Disneyland, San Diego, Vegas, Catalina, ...

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I kind of want to leave the country…......

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under a grand can be tough, but maybe you could stay in La Paz. it’s much cheaper than Cabo and the food is better. I looked it up on expedia but I didn’t know your dates. It might still be out a little out of your budget. Check it out though.

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New Years…There has to be a local “Pub Crawl”...
If not start oneā€¦

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