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How much space should I dedicate to my job experience in a resume.I only worked in 2 I don't have so much experience.Please give me an advice.

Asked by friendly_guy (1points) September 5th, 2007
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The one page resume is pretty much a myth or thing of the past. When people only changed jobs once or twice in a lifetime, it was probably a good rule of thumb. Those days are over, people switch jobs and careers many times throughout their working years now. My resume is roughly 4 pages.

Try to be as detailed as you can about those jobs without getting into trivial tasks like “answered phones”.

Sell yourself; tell them the things you NEED them to know about yourself.

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What I have been told is that until you have spent at least 5 years in the work world (usually meaning the post-college work world), your resume should be only one page.

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