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Have you even been told you look like an animal?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) December 14th, 2008

If so, what was it?

And if multiple people have brought it up, has the animal been consistent?

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no, but ive been told i fuck like one :P

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Yes. Basset Hound. By multiple people.

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How awful! I think they know I would not take kindly to that even if I do!

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one time some friends and i decided to pick animals for each of us and it was really hard to find one for some people (the boring people and those that we didn’t know as well). The more fun interesting people were easy. I ended up being a giraffe i think.

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I had this conversation on thursday. My friends were a squirrel, a mouse, a bird and a penguin. I was a mole or rodenty thing.

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I was once referred as ” it ”, ... I forgave the person.
I take things like that as a blessing actually , in weakness I shall be made strong . :)

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I’ve been called a fox and a jack ass.

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well at least I dont have spots or a freakishly neck

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heh, freakishly neck…

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Only in bed.

La_chica_gomela's avatar

yes, friends, zack is referring to me. my neck is a bit freakishly.

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Yes, we decided to find an animal that each person in our friendship group looked like but I can’t remember what I was. I think it was some kind of small rodent. Now we all call each other little shrews though.

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Does jack ass count?

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When I was little, everyone said I had chipmunk cheeks.

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No, but I often compare other people to animals it’s pretty weird.

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Well, check out my picture and see my husband thinks I look like!

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**Perk** did Auggie say she was an animal in bed? ohhhh my…the mind boggles

I have been likened to a snake and a wild-cat. A punch-drunk monkey. A gorilla in Prada (which I have never worn). And, a Tasmanian Devil. In fairness, I don’t think any of these comments were directed at my outward appearance, more likely my umm, business tactics involving competitors.

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a face only a mother could love huh knot?

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Someone used to call me vixen because I reminded her of one, but not necessarily because I looked like one.

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@uber: hey, don’t diss cthulhu!

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@shockvalue i <3 cthulhu just wouldnt want to look like him :P

i think my favorite part of that picture is the printer lol

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a few people called me bug eyes in high school…..

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someone told me one once, but it was some really obscure animal that i’ve never heard of, and can’t even remember the name of.
i have a friend that really resembles a lion though. and another that looks a bit giraffe like. i’ve mentioned it to other people who know them and they’re always like “OMG SO TRUE DUDE.”

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