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Ladies, I need your help. Can some women go with out pleasuring them selves?

Asked by lukiarobecheck (1526points) December 14th, 2008

Seriously, I have heard it all before. Some girls say that it is a lie, some say they have never done it before. Being a guy, I can say, any guy would be lying if they told you they did not. I want to know, is it really true, some women do not feel the need to service them selves?

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It’s very true.

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I know a woman who claims to have never done so in her life, and she seems pretty believable. That said, she is the only woman I know like that.

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Sure, but I don’t see why they’d want to.

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I think there must be some. I truly do. I think it would be rash and foolish to attempt to make a blanket statement about all women or all men or all of just about any category of people. So I would bet everything on the existence of exceptions.

For some it is probably a matter of indifference, and for some it is certainly going to be about avoiding sin, which, as we know, can be defined all kinds of ways.

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akmcg, do you watch all 3.5 billion women in the world 24 hours a day? How the heck do you know?

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@La_chica_gomela, I don’t think he/she’s literally saying that every single last woman on the planet does it. I think he/she’s talking more broadly.

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True for some false for others. Some women have better partners than others. hehe

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@ derek, ff there are two woman that don’t masturbate, then ” ‘some women’ go with out pleasuring them selves” which is what the question was. I copied and pasted it.

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Definitely true. Asexuality exists.

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Yes, definitely. I can be a orgasm camel – going ages and ages in between, or a nymph.

Women on average are far more fickle than men. We don’t have the same motivations and thanks to biology, we never will.

That being said, that’s a pretty personal question. There is no catch all answer to this one. Tough luck, hard cheese. Better luck next time. :)

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I’d just like to add that I didn’t for several months after i had my first child…then gradually my libido came back and was doing it sometime 3–4 times a day…. then i met a guy (about 5 months ago) who is incredibly good in bed and i rarely have to do it myself… in fact i haven’t probably now for at least…12 weeks or so??? and i generally only see my man 2–3 times a week…

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I would like to add that not all guys masterbate either… I know that several people will say he’s lying, but my fiancee has never. He finds the idea of touching himself in that way repulsive. His family and friends even back him up.

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Believe it or not, there are other good things in life besides masturbation.

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The answer is simply: Of course there are some women who can go without. And, I do my share to make up for them.

@CD: You bet there are, but very few of them are free, easy and heartstoppingly wonderful.

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@asmonet: LURVE for “orgasm camel”. Can I get the action figure?

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Of course. Some women never even have orgasms.

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@cprevite: Yes, it will be available through Toys ‘R’ Us for the holiday season. You should begin camping outside the entrance now. We expect them to be this years Furbys.

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@asmonet: They’ll go on sale on a Wednesday (Hump Day – of course).

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