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What inanimate objects do you find to be sexually exciting?

Asked by psyla (2544points) December 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I once knew a guy who claimed he was sexually aroused by certain muscle cars. Do you know of any objects that you find to be sexually stimulating?

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That’s just pretty weird…

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I find certain foods increase my excitement, but I’m not turned on by them alone…

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Hm… I can’t think of any inanimate objects that I find visually stimulating. But some inanimate objects definitely have textures or smells or sounds that turn me on. (And to round out the five senses, I can’t think of any tastes that turn me on, either.)

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I’m not sure. I’ve heard that when a tech geek like me gets a new gadget, the same chemical reaction of excitement goes on in his brain as somebody who’s having sex.

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I’m with MacBean. I can think of a lot of things that turn me on, but it’s never the thing alone. Sexy lingerie or swimwear, but it has to be on someone. Beautiful jewelery, but only if it’s a gift from my sweetie, crisp clean white sheets on a freshly made bed, but mostly because it evokes being on vacation.

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I think I am not alone in admitting that a well-designed vibrator will usually do it.

But also, looking over the edges of sheer drops. Oh wait, that’s not an object….

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Ha ha ha, I love your candor, susanc!

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there is some art work and photography that I find arousing. Is that the same?

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Agent Provocateur lingerie. (Might not be safe for work)

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Cant think of any, foods maybe..

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thanks lightly.

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That would be called a fetish… I don’t have one of an object. I remember reading in psychology that there are a surprising amount of people who have a shoe fetish. They used the shoes to pleasure themselves… hmmm…
For me however, no fetishes. I agree with what other people have said. Smells and seeing certain things will do it for me. Or sometimes even hearing something.

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Sexually arousing photos.

They’re inanimate, right?

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Any examples, Eambos? j/k

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Some sex toys will do it for me, too!

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Another vote for vibrators and sex toys. Just knowing what they are capable of doing gives them this little air of seduction when looking at them in catalogs or in person.

I also can become aroused my scintillating architecture or components of architecture. Hardwoods. Cream bricks. Leaded glass. Mouldings. And then there are these stimulating photos of stairs Tell me you don’t get a little weak in the knees looking at some of these.

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Fresh baked cookies.

Mrs. Fields is a porn goddess.

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Really big bananas.

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@sueanne: totally. these stairs are soooooo beautiful, especially the corbu (so far – I’m only allowing myself one page a day to keep the pleasure going on & on, wave after wave). And they tap right into my “falling” thrill! THANK YOU. I’ll be busy for the rest of the day.

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@sueanne: I lurve stairs! Chairs, too.

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Hmmm…..looks like us girly girls ought to start a club for stair gazing. How hot would that be?

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Starbuck’s coffee anyone?

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I love what they named the site.

<-Stair fan, here.

Exciting though they are, inanimate objects don’t give me a stiffy, Tiffy.

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Stair gazing with the right person might be….. uplifting. ;-)

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Looks like the easiest way to understand it is through the 5 senses. It’s hard to imagine getting sexually excited by an object by using some senses, where it’s easy to follow what people are experiencing if you also use the same sense. (If that makes sense.) Tough for me to imagine getting off on food, even though I love Starbucks. Getting hot after drinking Starbucks? Not really. I get the visual part except for sex toys, I guess it’s an acquired taste. The stairs and the furniture… yes!

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Oh. My. God. January issue of Real Simple arrived. On page 91: Assorted chairs in an artful display. The backdrop? A spiral staircase! oooh, baby, yes YES!

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Last night I watched My Fair Lady for the first time ever, and I totally thought of you guys while Rex Harrison was standing on the spiral staircase “singing” I’m an Ordinary Man.

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I covet his bookcases in that movie. So bad.

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Hell. I forgot about bookcases! These make me positively weak in the knees.

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sorry to say it, but that catalog “did it” for me. I’m officially turned on. I need a moment (and a credit card)

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a surfboard? ...longboard, green, a thruster, with some residual wax residue…..moma mia!

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@Pete: I think I love you.

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hah! I linked my LiveJournal friendslist to that a while back! This thread made me think of it but I couldn’t find it to share (because I share SO MANY links, they tend to get lost in the shuffle). Thanks, Pete!

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Pete: That was amazing.
Didn’t even need to say pancake.

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Pancakes don’t do it for me though my friend (drunk at the time) actually walked into McDonalds and told the girl behind the counter that he would like to order a “furburger”. I was incensed.

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