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Unified/Consolidated Address Book?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) December 15th, 2008

Is there a website that can aggregate all my contacts from Outlook, Gmail, Linkedin, FaceBook etc.? I currently use Plaxo to sync and am generally happy with the syncing capabilities but this still leaves Facebook and Linkedin out of the loop. I tried Soocial but did not like it.

I just want one place (preferably Outlook) where I can get all this information.

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From my experience, there is no good address book application or website. After beating my head against a wall, I decided to move to a paper version (which is not susceptible to worms or formatting).

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address-o-sync is an app that does it job. you need plaxo after updating with plaxo you can sync the info with it. If you are lookng for a doit-all-sync app you are fried I never heard about a program or website like that before. jst plaxo. sorry.

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