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Topical: what do I get her for Christmas?

Asked by Jack79 (11004points) December 15th, 2008

I know what my girlfriend wants for Christmas, but I can’t find it anywhere. I’m sure she’ll just like the thought of whatever I buy, but I am too practical-minded and always think about what people need, rather than what they like. I’ve ended up making a bundle of little bits and pieces (shampoos and bath salts and chocolates etc) but I was thinking of maybe putting something special in there. Ladies?

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how about a book of poems? or maybe some nice perfume? may i suggest for perfume baby soft. that is light and sweet.

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What was it that she WANTED. Maybe that will help us figure out what she would like. Can you tell us anything about her personality? that may help too.

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I’d also like to know what she wanted, how long you’ve been together, and what her tastes are, but there’s a way to be thoughtful and practical.

Just think through the normal routine of her day, and identify things that would make her life work a little easier. Is she always cold in the morning? Get her an electrical car starter. Is she crazy about a particular animal, or symbol? Get her an interesting piece of jewelry with that symbol on it. Does she work a lot? Get her a really interesting and funky work/laptop bag. Is she crazy about animals? Get her a membership to the ASPCA. You get the idea.

Unless it was a really new relationship, if I had a boyfriend who got me an impersonal collection of bath salts, and chocolates, I’d think it was a generic gift, and that he wasn’t really thinking about me when he put it together.

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wish I could give you double fluve figbash!

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Well she wanted a German TV series. I drove all the way to Germany twice, went to several different shops in two major cities and couldn’t find it. Looked on the internet, couldn’t find it. Tried downloading it, found a few episodes that maybe will be down by New Year’s. So I’m trying to think of alternatives.

I’m sure she’ll love the bathsalts and I know it’s something that relaxes her and she’s run out recently, so that’s a good present. But, like you say, it’s not enough. This is a person who’s risked her life for me, we’ve been through thick and thin together, and even though we haven’t been together that long, I really think she deserves something special. She’s also a person that hasn’t enjoyed Christmas that much as a child and I was hoping to make this year special for her. And I know she’ll appreciate any gift, even if it’s a sweater, but I was thinking of something nicer.

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It makes it harder if you’re in Europe. You can’t just run to Best Buy.

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Are there perhaps any books out that are about the TV series, or maybe some books about the stars of the show? My sister loves American Idol G-d knows why so I got her a book called “Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul.” (I am pretty sure that she does not Fluther…)

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Just about everyone loves candles. You could get her some secented tealights and holders to put them in so when she uses the bath items you got her, she can surround herself with soft soothing lights. BTW, lavendar is very relaxing, so you might want to get that scent.

An online friend sent me a ‘spa kit, that she put together once. it had everything in lavandar… baths salts, oils, lotions, you name it. That’s also where I got the idea for the tealights, btw. Whenever I felt tired, achy, or stressed out, I treated myself to a long soothing soak with the items she sent. I felt like a million dollars afterwards.

Yankee Candles has a section for personalising candles, if you want to do that for her as well.

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What ever you do, accompany it with a love letter. That will be the best part of the gift.

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Maybe a lovely, cushy robe to go along with the bath stuff. You can even get it monogrammed with her initial(s). If she’s a reader, include a few books, too.

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I would always do theme gifts for my best friend; I’d get a container (ie a purse, a basket, etc) that was applicable to the theme and fill it with a few this-and-that small things and then usually have one big, thematic item. I did a summer theme with lotions and sunglasses and a towel and jewelry and a swimsuit, I did a movie night theme with DVDs and candy and popcorn and a movie gift certificate and slippers and a blanket, etc. etc. They always went over really well.

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Oh yeah.. the robe is a great idea!! What better way to top off a nice warm bath than a comfy robe?? Good thinking augustlan!

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A vibrator? Some say the sight of which creates “the mood”!

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Scamp I already had that in the pack, and Tits, yes, that’s the general idea :)
Augustlan, I actually thought of that yesterday and might end up doing it, since it is something she doesn’t have. I was just wondering whether I’m on the right track overall with the bath idea, but now that I think of it, it’s something that relaxes her and there is scope for improvement in the experience. And no Mizuki, I don’t think she’ll need what you suggested, she is always in “the mood” when she sees me :P

thanks again to everyone for your help :)

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@Mizuki Remind me to send you my christmas wish list, ha ha!!

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Do they have a European Amazon, I am always amazed about the old video stuff they have.

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Every woman loves make up.. buy make up online or go to a good make up store where they can make you beautiful gift baskets.
Good brands are Mac, Helena Rubenstein, Estee Lauder, Clinique.
It does not have to be make up, it could be some cleansing products for the skin and et cetera. Don’t forget to put a card with something you wrote from the bottom of your heart. Every woman would appreciate that.

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well she’s a bit of a hippy I might get something like “Rubenstein??? How dare you? She kills wales!”

and yes, Amazon is everywhere, though I don’t always know her taste that well. We agree about half the films we watch, but then with the other half she might hate what I love or vice versa. That series was very specific (it’s a German sitcom still being aired) and no, Amazon doesn’t have it either.

But thanks for all the responses anyway, I think I’m getting there… :)

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Why worry!You got a whole year to think about it!

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I eventually also found the present she wanted. After Christmas, in the 9th shop I tried. Haven’t seen her yet, so she can have it as a belated New Year’s present when I do :)

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