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What are those little armbands NFL players wear?

Asked by eatmunky (358points) December 15th, 2008

Check out this picture

I can’t figure out what these are for… They look to small to be sweatbands. Any insight?

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From what I understand, they are designed to give additional support to the muscle group above the band both for additional strength and helping protect from pulled or torn muscles. But, what do I know?

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They are to help to keep a grip on the football as they run down the field holding the ball. They help to keep the ball from slipping out or being pulled away to cause a forced fumble.

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@sueanne… that is what the high school team uses them for. so i think you are right.

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hm… those both make sense. The thing is I see all different positions wearing them. Linemen, Running Backs, Linebackers, etc. But then a lot who don’t wear them. If it were for running with the ball, I don’t think offensive linemen would use them… but maybe. Just in the offchance they recover a fumble or something.

And also I saw a player wearing them below the elbow on sunday, which wouldn’t make sense if the muscle thing is true, at least I dont think. Could be he just had them on wrong. Or I don’t know what I’m talking about and it would help below the elbow too. lol

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It’s not an armband…
The jersey is cinched up so that the material can’t be held by the opposition.
Makes ‘em harder to tackle.…

That’s my understanding….
But heck I root for the Seahawks…

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@boffin: Seattle’s 3 and 11, right? not the worst in the league :D I mean, hey, they beat St. louis! and the things I’m curious about are the little bands right above his elbow, they’re not actually attached to the jersey.

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Maybe I’m looking at the wrong picture…
Damn Scotch haze…..
Trying to forget 3–11 season….

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lol I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to bring it up.

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Many web sites offer credible explanations that these are pure vanity devices, with no rational physical function. They’re all image.

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