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Where in the US are the lowest/highest total taxes?

Asked by kelly (1908points) September 5th, 2007

Not including federal taxes, what specific areas have the lowest / highest combined state and local income taxes, state and local sales taxes, state and local personal property taxes and any other “daily” type taxes, Not including estate, luxury, capital gains etc. In other words where are you the least and most impacted by total of all taxation of states and locals.

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mchenry county, illinois, unincorporated location: sales/use tax is 6.5%, state income tax is flat 3%, real estate/property taxes 6.7348% of assessed value, no personal property taxes

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Caddo Parish, LA: 8.60% Sales tax (state and local); 6% State Income tax 25,000

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My friend lives in Deleware. No state tax.

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While Delaware has no state sales tax which makes it great for shopping, they do have a personal income tax that is around 9% or was several years ago when I worked with a guy from Delaware. Also, they do have real estate taxes, not sure of what the rate is but compared to surrounding states it is cheap.

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@Jill E

Actually, you are incorrect. We have no SALES tax. Income tax is just the same as any other state.

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