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What Kind Of Preset Should I Use On Handbrake?

Asked by desiree333 (3241points) December 15th, 2008

Okay so I have an iPod touch and I would like to convert my DVDs so I can play them on my my iPod using handbrake. I’ve already asked a question like this but people keep telling me to use iPod high rez. I checked and on my handbrake I dont have high rez, but I do have iPod legacy. Should I use iPod legacy? And also there is a preset called iPhone and iPod touch, but I’ve heard iPod high rez is the best one. Is iPod legacy the same thing as iPod high rez?

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Honestly, just give it a shot and use whatever preset produces the results you like. You won’t ruin your movie or delete your computer or anything. So try all of the ones you have access to (pro tip: use a filename that also contains the preset name), and compare the final results, then continue to use the preset that produces the results you like best.

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I’ve had good luck using the “iPhone and iPod Touch” setting. It even plays well full-screen on my laptop.

The higher resolution/fidelity setting that you choose, the larger the resulting file size. With the relatively cramped space that an iPhone/iPod Touch offers, you might avoid those settings so you can fit more videos on your iPhone/iPod Touch at the same time.

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