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Best website for learning astronomy?

Asked by advilicious (15points) December 15th, 2008

Looking for website suggestions that explain the fundamentals of astronomy. Thanks!

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I found this for ya: ; it’s pretty cool because it’s like a textbook online ! are you studying astronomy in real life or just wanting to beef your brain up?

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Google Earth version 4.0 introduced a plug-in called Google Sky which connects to Astronomy resources including Hubble, Historical Astronomical maps, and many other resources. I believe they also connect to some podcasts in there. It is a free download too.

Also, check iTunes podcasts for some free podcasts on the topic. You can also access ItunesU which may have some university podcasts/lectures on the topic.

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I know a lot about astronomy. It isn’t hard to find an astronomy website like this one but I do not know of any famous websites though.

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Astronomy is a very broad subject these days. Planetary, lunar, solar, galactic, binary stars (at least six sub-catagories there) infra-red, ultra-violet, x-ray, radio, spectroscopy, cosmology, dark matter, nebulae, etc. Where do you want to start?

Some simple exercises are:
Watch the shape, rising and setting of the moon during the course of the 28+day cycle;
Watch how the sun moves against a fixed horizen for a year;
Learn the easy constellations and get out and look up where it is very dark.
Buy some good binocs, (7×35 – not too much magnification) and the star charts for your neighborhood.
Check where the Big Dipper is during the course of the night at different seasons.

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