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Do the soles of your shoes show more wear in certain parts?

Asked by Nimis (13260points) December 15th, 2008

I’ve noticed that most people’s shoes tend to show more wear on one side or another (inside or outside, front or back…some combination of those).

Would you have noticed this subtle leaning in your stance and gait without looking at your shoe(s)?

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I’m overcome with curiosity, Nimis—how on earth have you had occasion to study the wear patterns on people’s soles?

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I definitely have noticed this, on my own shoes and others. I don’t think I walk or stand in any odd way which would cause such a sensation, but it definitely occurs. Mine is usually a inside/back combination.

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@ Harp – Have you never found yourself gazing off and then notice you’re looking at something, or someone? This is how I have noticed the trend in sole wear… at least I’m not the only one that has though!

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I’ve come to believe that shoes (at least other people’s shoes) are invisible to the majority of guys, me included. I’d be at pains to describe a single item of footwear worn by anybody outside my immediate family (and even then….)

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One day, I was sitting with my leg propped up on my other leg
and noticed that my soles had worn down to the next layer.

I was out with friends and remarked on my lop-sidedness.
Soon enough we were all checking out each other’s soles.

Ever since then, when I’m over at someone’s house taking off my shoes,
I’m more prone to notice such random details. :P

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I saw this many times when I worked for the podiatrist. Shoes can tell alot about a person. Good eye Nimis!!

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impressive, indeed

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Triumphant champion of useless details!
[pats self on back]

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The wear pattern on your shoes are due to the type of gait that you have. If you overpronate, then your foot rolls inward too much, and the inside of your shoe will be worn. If you oversupinate, the opposite happens and the outside of the shoe shows more wear. Hope that helps.

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Didn’t realize the foot was designed to roll inward.
I wonder if athletes are more likely to be pronators?

Hmmm…interesting. Thanks, Shi.

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I do, but I’ve been told that I walk funny…

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Yes, I notice when I’m walking or standing and favoring a side. It makes me more aware and paranoid that other people can see it. I have a tendency then to try to correct it mid-gait and then look silly for a few steps.

I don’t do it so much anymore. It’s only once in a while when I step funny and my attention is called to it.

I’m weird.


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The soles definitely show more wear in certain parts. I can sometimes tell when I walk because I tend to drag one foot more (and accordingly trip over that food more).

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Yes! It all depends on the way you walk. You can actually learn a lot about the way a person walks, or moves their feet by the way their shoes look and how they are worn.

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@empress: lol, food.

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@asmonet: I’m always thinking about food. Not surprising it sneaks in where I least expect it.

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@empress: ga. nuff said.

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my heals are always more worn. I constantly drag my feet.

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