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Whats the best / most valuable thing you ever found?

Asked by keiths (39points) December 15th, 2008

i found a 100 bill laying on the floor of a kmart years ago

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I found my dog Banjo at a these really crappy peoples house I was doing construction for.

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I also found a hundred dollar bill once. I was walking home from school and it was in a puddle outside of an auto repair shop. i was able to be quite extravagant with my mom’s Christmas present that year. :)

@jess: except for our current dog, every pet we’ve had was adopted. The only reason we have this dog is because my mom fell in love when we went to see some puppies from the breeder where our other friends got a dog.

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a quarter pound of weed, in a bag, on the sidewalk. that’s like 800 bucks from where I am from. me and my friends smoked the whole thing in two weeks.

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A buffalo leather laptop/sidebag thing. It was in the box, halfway into the sewer and I got curious at the bus stop and pulled up a corner. Jackpot!
The tag and receipt were still on there, paid in cash, $320 bucks. Called the store, posted on craigslist and put a flyer out where I found it. After a month, no one had claimed it and it was all mine.

Technically, I found my dog in the car when my mom surprised me with her.

And I once found a fossilized shark tooth about the size of my palm on the beach in Florida when I was a kid.

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Jesus… he he

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All of the furry pets.

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purpose for my life (does that count)

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My wife.

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