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Drinking before an interview?

Asked by johnnyknoxville08 (237points) December 15th, 2008

Is this okay? I’m not talking about getting noticeably drunk…just a drink or two “to take off the edge,” or whatever.

Has anybody done this before? I’m awful at formal interviews and public speaking—even though I have done a pretty good amount of the aforesaid while in school.

I was able to do the above by convincing myself that I really didn’t care…but with the job interview, I feel like that attitude would really glare…what do you think

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Don’t do it, man. Just don’t do it. Bad idea.

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That sounds like a terrible idea to me. I know I wouldn’t.

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I am sure they could smell it. I wouldn’t even drink the night before.

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They’ll smell it on your breath, and that’ll be the end of it. Your responses also might be ill-considered, and that won’t help, either.

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No, no, no, no, no, no.

And if you just hafta…well, there’s some further looking you’ll be needing to do.

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Absolutely not. Do not do it if getting this job matters to you. If they smell it, there’s no way for them to know how many you’ve had and it’s over. No.

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I must be out of my mind! thanks

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don’t even risk it.


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I agree with all of the above, but have one piece of advice. If you are truly a nervous wreck before such things, talk to your doctor about an anti-anxiety drug that can be taken on an as-needed basis. A small dose of Xanax helps me immensely when I’m in an anxiety riddled situation, but does not alter my state of mind like alcohol would. Good luck to you!

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Drink vodka. Its smell is a lot less noticeable than bourbon or beer.

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drink a meter of beer. i just did and i feel greeeeeaaaaatttt

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I wouldn’t interview someone with alcohol on their breath.

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Here’s another vote for Xanax.

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do it… come on you know you want too… just one or two won’t hurt… mmm scotch.

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oh but chew gum afterwards
smoke a few cigarettes
and don’t speak directly at them

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I think madcapper must be applying for the same job and knows how to get you eliminated.

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@ Jeruba haha damn it don’t reveal my plans!

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This question reminds me of this.

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Bad. No. Don’t. Why would you—just bad. Don’t.

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You have the right idea. You need to figure out how to stay loose for the interview. But I don’t think drinking is really the best idea. Not because they’ll notice, but because there are better ways to stay loose.

Xanax is one option, but it’s not too different from one or two drinks, except in two important ways: Xanax is slightly more socially acceptable, and you’re not as likely to get caught. Theoretically, Xanax (or another anti-anxiety med) will relieve your anxiety without affecting any other mental function.

The best solution is not medication at all. Being in a job interview isn’t that different from public speaking. You can use the same mental tricks to get yourself prepared. Or use different mental tricks. But you can figure out how to do it on your own, eventually. (And Xanax might help in the meantime.)

It’s so strange that a simply mention of drinking will bring all the idiots onto the thread.

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A simple response to excess nervousness prior to an interview is to refrain from caffeine for at least 48 hours before the interview.

If you must use a drug, then an anti-anxiety medication (so long as it does not make you sleepy) is a far better idea than alcohol.

Again, the pharmaceutical option is not visible to the interviewer, but the smell of alcohol, the behavior on alcohol and other physical manifestations of alcohol are visible to the interviewer and anyone else you might pass in the hall.

There is a reason that the Romans created the phrase: “In vino, veritas”. Alcohol loosens the tongue and reduces the natural inhibitions that you need to maintain during an interview.


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I prefer “Time Release Quaalude’s”…
No fuss…No odor….
Takes the edge off any stressful situation….

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I vote for practice, practice, practice. Work to make yourself comfortable at being interviewed. Videotape yourself. Take every chance you can to speak in front of people. What killed the nervousness for me was speaking in front of kids. Get friends to run practice interviews on you.

Drinking or drugs before an interview is not a good idea.

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Tis not the best way to go but if it helps yes. I must say, tis indeed very risky. I say go for it as long as you don’t get caught.

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