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I have a girl situation! Can you flutherians help please?

Asked by Thesilvertiger (264points) December 15th, 2008 from iPhone

I met this girl in college and I really really like her. I’m not going to see her for a month because of winter break. I was thinking of going to Boston even though I’m from Maryland! Should I go and if so what should I take her and what should I do once I’m there?

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Have you talked to her about it? How long have you known her? Are you officially dating or still “just friends.” If you’re dating, how long has it been?

You should definitely talk to her about it, not us. See if she thinks a visit would be appropriate. Make sure you have details worked out: would you stay with her, or do you have somewhere else to stay? Would it be a visit with the main purpose of seeing her, or a visit to hang out in Boston, and also spend some time with her? How long will you stay? Figure those things out, then consider what you should bring and what you should do.

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Dude, how well do you know her? would she think that you are stalking her? would you stay in a hotel waiting for her calls?

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but make sure she gets a Christmas card from you at the least.

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Since you are asking for advice…

It seems like you aren’t all that close yet. If that’s the case, my advice would be to send her a really nice card with a simple gift, and look forward to seeing her when you get back to school. Fantasize like hell about her if you want.

If it were me going to Boston to see her, and I didn’t know her that well, I’d feel desperate about the whole thing. And isn’t Boston really cold in the winter?

You’ll be in the same place again with her soon, and you can build something real then. Relax.

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No! Don’t send a present! Too much pressure! Just send a note and make it funny! Aside from that, do exactly what Trustinglife says. He didn’t earn his avatar by being wrong about stuff.

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Aww, Susan, that’s sweet. And it’s funny to think that I “earned” my avatar.

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also ask her if she has AiM or something. That way you can talk to her and maybe learn about her, I am assuming you don’t know her that well, and it’s in an ambiguous, friendly environment and won’t seem creepy. When your talking to her just say ” Well if your bored over break shoot me a message on AIM, my name is blank” if she sends you a message then thats a good sign. Don’t ask her for hers though as that seems creepy if yo just met her.

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I wouldn’t send a present, just a card. Or maybe a mixed-tape those are always good :p

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In some cases distance makes the heart grow fonder.

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So what will you do?

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