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How many people are as mad as I am about Apple's 200 dollar iPhone price cut?

Asked by davoice (53points) September 5th, 2007
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Why are you mad?

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After reading comments on the issue, I’m mixed. Yeah, it sucks, but I bought the marketing. Jobs asked how much would you pay for a 3 in 1 device, and I agreed to $599. I was hell bent on getting one regardless, and you still can’t get anything else like it (the sum of the parts, I mean). I think the initial pricing was poor forecasting on Apple’s part, and the price cut is a move that sort of pulls the curtain back. In the end, I’m satisfied with what I have and what it’s capable of doing, but more storage never hurts.

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because they drop the price after several people like myself stood in line to get one for 599.00

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Nobody forced you to stand in line and pay $599 for an iPhone. At the time, you must have believed it was worth that much.

When you made that purchase, you probably could have guessed that at some point in the future Apple (or some other company) would release a device of equal or greater capability for a lower price. You could have decided to wait for that unknown time, but you instead chose to buy an iPhone.

If you aren’t happy with the decision you made, there’s no reason to get mad. Think of this as a learning experience about being an early adopter. It tends to be a higher risk proposition than waiting.

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I think they missed the mark with the itouch iPod with the small disk drive, they’ll be hard pressed to sell a 16gb model for 400, should have put at least 50gigs on it. Doesn’t make any sense?

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^ ^ ^ Agreed Hawaiiguy! I want one bad, but not with 8 or 16gigs…

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yeah I really wish the ipod touch had more space, but that’s irreleavant. I don’t think apple miscalculated their opening price on the iphone. in fact, I think they calculated it to a very specific degree; They planned on bringing down the price that much from the beginning, because the price makes more sense for the device. However, apple knew that hundreds of thousands of people would buy the iphone anyway, so they bumped up the price for the first two months of sales. I’m just happy I waited.

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I am happy about the price drop; we all knew it would come sooner or later. Generally sooner than later when i comes to cell phones.

As previously noted, no one was forced to pay $599 for iPhone.

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I love my iphone. I do not regret spending the 599 for it. My husband and I both got one at that price on June 30. We both work hard to get the things we want,and we wanted this,so….Would we have loved to get them for 200 dollars cheaper….sure,but we got what we wanted when we wanted it,and we love it,so no sour grapes here.

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Sure, I am bummed. We knew it was coming. This put more iPhone in more hands and thus should increase the third party applications of the product, even if it is only through Safari and more people I know may be able to afford one and thus this price drop might allow others to share more experiences and bring the world closer together.

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@extol: Perhaps the world is too close as it is. The seduction of all the instant communication is strong, but it does suck the peace and silence out of one’s life at times..Or perhaps my perceptions are a generation thing. I love caller ID so I can not answer the phone often.

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a little disappointed, but I still love the phone. It happens so quick though!

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if you purchased a GM SUV for 50000 in July, and 2 months later GM was selling the car for 32,500 u would be steaming mad. Not to mention the fact that every consumer watchdog group would be all over that matter like flies on &$@”. However the iPhone is a “gadget” and every gadget person knows that price drops happen all the time. I am more upset at Apple for the short amount of time and the drastic price reduction. I am an Apple loyalist and always will be, but this was a case of “too much, too soon”. I bought the 4gig model, and this announcement really depreciates the value. I have to assume that ATT had their 800 lb gorilla paws in this, seeing the swarm of new accounts and cash registers blazing. Perhaps they are picking up the difference of the original cost and seeing piles of euro dollars on the horizon. I will however cancel my .mac account and sign up with a free gmail today, at least I can even out by saving $90 a year.

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Have you seen Steve Jobs’ open letter to all iPhone customers? You’ll be getting a $100 store credit.

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wow maybe we should email the whitehouse more often

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the open iphone letter is exactly what separates apple from other companies in the same field. well done, apple!

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did they release sales figures? Are they on track with expectations?

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I want Steve Jobs to be my dad. I might start a thread about this when I get back from my haircut which is in 15 minutes.

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Yesterday, Apple announced that it was on track to sell its millionth iPhone before the end of September. Depending on the adoption curve, they may or may not be on track to meet their stated goal of selling 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008, but the recent $200 discount can’t hurt.

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I’m amazed by the easy going Apple can shaft me anytime the want attudite, come one people, of course tech/software products see huge price reductions sometime after they are introduced, BUT NOT 40% in 2 MONTHS, are you kidding? The i-phone is a great product, what I paid for it is not the issue here, its the fact that after only 60 days, Apple dropped their pants because they weren’t selling enough. I can live with their decision; what I cannot except is the lousy $100.00 Apple store credit. How about a Cingular credit, or just send me a $200.00 to spend as I wish.

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Maybe it’s just because I’m currently in an economics class, but I think what apple did was amazingly cunning. At the beginning there was such a high demand they could charge 600$. Now that the demand is lower, price will go down, it’s an economics principle. The 100$ in-store credit is also an amazing ploy. Most people won’t follow up on that, because as jochet pointed out, most people don’t want anything else from the apple store. This either forces someone to buy another apple product (most of which cost more than 100$) or ignore the credit, both options that yield money for apple.

I think it’s brilliant. If I had paid 600$ to start with I’d be mad…but if you didn’t see a price drop coming, then you’re out of touch. For those saying it was too fast- what does it matter if the price goes down to 400$ now or 6 months from now, it still goes down. I held off buying the iPhone for this reason. 6 months from now, you will be able to buy a better product for cheaper. The iPod was the exact same way.

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I wonder if u can use the store credit to buy a 100.00 iTunes gift card. I could live with that. I mean, how many products are in an apple store that cost under $ 100.00
Another idea would be to use it to buy the new Leopard OS when it comes out.

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I’ll use it for leopard, by the way there was plenty of info on apples production cost before it came out the 4 and 8 gig cost 200 and 249 respectively. They did what they were supposed to do make money off the hype, I applaud them for cashing in, especially as a stock holder. I bought it because I wanted it not because of the price. A laptop would still have been more but I couldn’t make calls from my laptop.

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(unless you use a skype like program…)

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I don’t see any reason why you would be upset because other people are now paying less. You wanted to be an early adopter, so you paid a premium. pattyb is incorrect with her SUV comparison, as it is entirely common for dealers to charge way over list price for a hot new model. After all, this is a free market economy, that is how it works. How could you be surprised about the price drop, everyone was predicting it all along.
I am frequently an early adopter, and I thus pay a premium. I purchased a Mitsubishi Eclipse from the Chicago Auto Show before they even hit the showroom floors, and had to pay 15% above list price to do so. I am typing this e-mail on a Sony G1 laptop. I paid probably at least a 50% premium to get it, in fact, only one source sells it outside of Japan. Not only did I pay a premium, but there will not be any tech support if it conks out after a year. I also have a Sony X Series laptop that now has no tech support. That is the premium I was willing to pay to get a durable laptop under 2 lbs. and under 3/4 inch thick. If you don’t want to pay the higher price, wait. “Fair market price” by definition is whatever the consumer is willing to pay at that moment. Apple knew exactly what they were doing when they inflated the price, and most of the experts I read said the price was inflated and to wait 6 months to buy.
Apple hasn’t violated any of your “rights” here, nor have they done anything illegal or unethical. It is, however, rather cold-blooded of them, and you as the consumer certainly are entitled to be upset with them. Your solution, however, isn’t legal action or demanding rebates. I know Apple is doing it, but they certainly didn’t have to. The solution is to stop doing business with them, and they will take their reduced market into account they next time they make a decision like this.

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m made my that id beacause in msngers i forget my password and secreat answer

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(rabia: Welcome, but do consider proof-reading.)

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