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If your computer speakers have bad bass will it lessen the bass of headphones?

Asked by MrMontpetit (1843points) December 16th, 2008

If your computer speakers have bad bass, but you have headphones that can produce good bass, will the bad speakers lessen the bass of the headphones if plugged into the speaker heaphone jack?

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No. The frequency response of your speakers is pretty much independent of the response of the amplifier that is producing the signal. The headphone jack, even if on the speaker, should be a direct line feed from your amplifier (or your sound card).

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Okay, thank you. :)

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Although steelmarket is correct, if the computer speakers have bad bass because of a really bad sound card, then it’s possible that your headphones will have poor quality too. (Its like how a really crappy walkman plugged into a nice sound system isn’t going to give you the best sound. The spearkers/headphones are only as good as the source of the sound)

Odds are if it’s a modern sound card, you won’t have a problem.

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If you are getting distortion at the low end of your headphone sound, you can look to your media player or system settings for a ‘bass boost’ – that will cut off the lowest frequencies and send the extra juice to slightly higher frequencies for a little more punch… although, it might be a problem If you’re listening to blue whale songs accompanied by breakbeats on an odaiko.


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@Perchik no I’m talking about the speakers themselves not having very good bass.

And thanks Schenectandy!

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