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What do I do when the Blue Screen Of Death pops up everytime I turn on my laptop?

Asked by Tennis5tar (1255points) December 16th, 2008

I can’t get to any of my files to back them up before the BSOD turns up and prevents me from doing anything else.

Started happening right after McAfee told me it had deleted about 3 trojans. I think I know which website I got them from, but that really doesn’t help me now.

What can I do to try and salvage my computer?

(It’s a Dell Inspiron running XP. Also, I know very little about computing.)

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You could boot with a Linux disk and use that to move the files to another hard drive. After saving the files, you can reinstall Windows from the restore disks.

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If you have a second computer around the house, take the hard drive out of the dell inspiron and put it into an external enclosure to encase it, and back up the data you want onto the second computer you might have.

Just make sure you don’t get those viruses transferred. And I would recommend using NOD32 for anti-virus in the future it’s cheaper than McAfee and uses a ton less resources and doesn’t use scheduled maintenance. It will scan all day long for you, which I think is a bit more pro-active.

you should be able to pick up an enclosure at most computer stores near where you live, and have them explain how to put it together if you’re not able to figure it out, or you can just message me on here, I could probably walk you through it too.

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@RandomMrdan: Thanks, I’ll try and get one tomorrow. I may well message you.

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Does it still give you the bsod if you boot in safe mode? That might buy you the time to get your files off before you reformat, or do a repair install of xp.

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Even after backing up your files, you might want to further look into this BSoD problem. It might be some faulty hardware and not related to viruses/spyware. Try using a program called Windbg. ( is the link. Before running that, you should right click on My Computer, go to the advanced tab, and under Startup and Recovery click on Settings. Verify at the bottom of the new window that will open up that there is a small memory dump of 64kb. Once it blue screens again, it will report the errors and the program will actually tell you what the problem most likely is and it also tells you how to solve the problem.

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Thanks, I’m getting a friend to look at it for me. Hopefully he can fix it for me.

@BluRhino: I can’t get to my files, even in safe mode.

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