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Anyone use the Flutherbot yet?

Asked by Noah_D (464points) December 16th, 2008 from IM

I just set it up and am actually asking this question through Flutherbot and its pretty nice – witty and smart, just like you’d imagine Fluther’s own personal robot would be.

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You just did! It notes it on the front page ala iPhone. I like that.

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Yep I have. I got to play with it while it was being built, so I had good fun breaking it a couple of times. Try giving it feedback, that is one flirtatious bot ;)

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I like how he says Oh Fudge!

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I’ve been checking out its amazing jelly abs.

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Personally, it’s a bit overkill for me. I come here enough, and I don’t need a reminder when I get new activity. I do like its playfulness though.

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