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Has anyone bought any t-shirts from Fluther?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7420points) December 16th, 2008

Do they shrink much, did you have to buy larger or smaller to get the right fit? I was thinking of getting a few of those shirts, but wasn’t sure what size to get. I normally can wear a large as long as it shrinks just a tad through the washing machine. Other wise the large looks a bit too big, and sometimes a Medium fits well, but not if it does shrink.

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My medium one shrunk a bit.

edit :: And they are American Apparel shirts so they are already sized smaller then normal t-shirts.

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Mine is just perfect ! It really is a snug fit, as the site tells you, so remember that. If you like your shirts looser, get a size larger than your norm. My small did not shrink, I don’t think.

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Mine didn’t shrink any, but they are snug (as PnL said).

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Women’s sizes are for frail, delicate flowers. Men’s need to be fiddled with for women. I bought a men’s L, I cut and hemmed a scoop neck, shortened it several inches and cut slits on the side for hips. It has not shrunk.

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(Mine was a women’s medium).

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thanks guys, I think I’m going to try out a large before I order a lot.

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Wrong question; Removed by Me.

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Mine hasn’t shrunk very much. I wear it often.

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I’m a “Clothes Horse” .….
I look good in anything “Fluther”.….

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I would lurve one, but they don’t come in SW (small whale)

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I lurves mine. It didnt really shrink either. mmmmm comfy shirt.

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I just bought a Large Fluther Tee…I hope it fits, I’ll keep you posted for a post and pre wash as well.

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I wash mine in cold water (as I do all my laundry) and then hang it on rack to dry.

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I literally just got my shirt today. I wore it out for a date, and needless to say, it was quite stylish, and fits me quite well.

It took so long because PayPal thinks I live at an address from 5 years ago. I sent insanely great t-shirts an email right away to let them know of the goof up, and they acknowledged my email and said it would be fixed. Then I got a confirmation email to the wrong address. I forgot to email them back immediately, but I eventually did, and the saaaame thing happened yet again.

So finally, I email them a 3rd time, this is my address, get it right this time, or I am refunding my money and reordering it. So they finally got it, and it was delivered on a very good day, I wore it out for a date with a nice girl today.

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I just ordered a Binary Tee Shirt too

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