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Should I come back to Fluther?

Asked by spendy (1446points) December 16th, 2008

I joined ages ago, got busy (and frustrated with the influx of iPod and other techie Qs) and somehow took a vacation from my fav site. Are things back to normal around here? :) I miss my Fluther friends!!

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Still a lot of techie questions, but the iPod/iphone questions have greatly dropped off.

We’d love to have you back!

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Fluther goes through cycles. Every now and then there’s a period where there are a whole bunch of new users, bad questions, and dumb answers. It always evens itself out though.

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I ask a ton of techie ?s. So avoid queenzboulevard lol or only look at the Questions for You section because if Apple, Mac, iStuff isn’t in your interests they probably won’t come to you that often. Also you could stack your interests and fields of expertise with topics so unrelated to techie ?s that none of them would ever get to you..

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Please do! You have been missed!! I’m glad to see you back. Now stay right here where you belong young lady!!

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Consider yourself lucky you missed all the election questions!!!

Now come back…

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@forestGeek Ditto to that…..!

Hope to see ya’ around!

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If you are asking a question, haven’t you already came back?

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@forestGeek, you’re telling me…

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@Comedian I think she is testing the waters to see if the morons are gone. One question doesn’t necessarily mean she is back.

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Come back, Spendy… We have missed you!

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As petethepothead previously stated, Fluther goes through different cycles. You have the “Will the world end in 2012?” cycles, the “Who are you voting for?” cycles, etc. Overall, Fluther is a great experience. I would recommend using the “questions for you” or “your fluther” section to avoid those annoying ones.
We can leave those to Andrew and Ben ;)

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Comedian's avatar never know

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Welcome back?

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