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Who gets your vote for the 10 most evil dictators/villians/criminals in recorded history?

Asked by Bluefreedom (22931points) December 16th, 2008

Hopefully this question hasn’t been asked already here on Fluther and if so, sorry folks. My motivation behind this query is that I like the subject of history and I’m also at work right now, very bored, and I have an insatiable desire to contribute something to Fluther this evening.

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Josef Stalin
Adols Hitler
Saddam Hussein
Elizabeth Bathory
Dick Cheney
Idi Amin Dada
Vlad the Impaler
John Wayne Gacy
The Emperor (hes like a villain right :P)

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Milosevic. You forgot him.

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In addition to those already named…
Kim Jong IL
Julius Caesar

@uberbatman John Wayne Gacy’s Chicagoland house is actually just a few minutes drive from me. Well actually the house he lived in was torn down and the land has since been built on.

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you forgot anton chigurth

serious vote for rasputin though

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Genghis Khan gets my vote. Did you know that 1 in every 7 Asians is a descendant of one of the millions of women he raped?

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That’s very creepy Zack. Two more people to add are King Leopold and Napolean Bonapart.

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One of the millions his men raped?

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Pol Pot was evil too. He and his Khmer Rouge communist movement was responsible for over a million deaths during his regime in Cambodia.

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Vladamir Putin…I just don’t like the look in his eye

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Jack The Ripper

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Since Dick Cheney was already mentioned, I’ll have to add Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush. Their “axis of evil” managed to cause grief and despair on a worldwide basis which will take decades (or longer) to climb out of.

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Al Gore is trying to go back in time to prevent Bush from being born thus making him more likely to win the election. That is true evil in the making folks.

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MZ: I think that was only traced along the Y chromosome (for males).
Came out to about 8% percent of Asian men
or roughly 16 million descendants from Gengis Khan.

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Oliver Cromwell, he outlawed dancing, music, the theatre and Christmas. How evil do you have to be to ban Christmas?

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Charles Manson
Jeffrey Dahmer
The Iceman
Just to name a few

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I like Cromwell. Especially since I just spent a fortune on Christmas presents ;)

I can think of many famous people who are considered evil, and have certainly caused a lot of pain to a lot of people (Hitler is an obvious favourite there), but it depends on whether we are talking about intentions or result. For example, the whole Bush family may have had good intentions of making the world a better place, and I have no reason to doubt their heart was in the right place, but Quantanamo is just as bad as any WWII concentration camp, and many of the people in it just as innocent. In fact, people were herded to Quantanamo based solely on their religious beliefs, which is exactly what happened in Dachau.

But if you want personalised, sadistic evil, then go no further than the Spanish Inquisition. Any of the people that were involved in that must have been so cruel, that Hannibal Lector pales by comparison. They constantly managed to devise new ways of torture to make pain even more acute and unbearable. How sick is that?

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Rex Diabolus Church. Check this guy out! He used to live down the street from me in Portland. He is a Satanic Priest or some shit.

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New People to add:

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Dick Cheney
George W Bush
Donald Rumsfield
Adolph Hitler

top my list

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What about Mugabe? And he still has power….

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Paul Pott
come to mind

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Do you mean Pol Pot, the leader of the Khmer Rouge? Or Paul Potts, the Britain’s Got Talent winner? Or someone else entirely?

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Pol, thanks for the correction

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Aww, it would’ve been funnier if you meant Paul Potts.

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An evil dictator of today: Hugo Chavez (Venezuela). The perfect megalomaniac in his democratic costume. Why? Manipulated electoral campaigns (10 years already in power and recently approved law to allow him to be re elected for ever); non-independent government institutions, one independent TV channel on air which probably will be closed in a few weeks; persecution to all who opposes the government; oil money stolen or wasted; 100% corrupted team; manipulated poor people attracted by Chavez charisma and lies. Believe me, we are lost. We need international support.

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